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momable’s book reviews

Love this trilogy -- although have found more of the psi-Garrett work now! Yippee! Will soon begin reading vigorish.
Excellent. Love the psi-FBI series. You people have to read The Impossibles and further follow Malone's career.

Garrett is now a favorite author of mine!
What a "SUPER" book! This book is excellent, the main character really makes you feel for him. Hard to put down. Surprised this was never made into a movie.
I love this true-adventure book. Very well-written and documented, actually reading what Stanley went through and how he felt on his "mission" is amazing. This is true history from his bird's eyeview.
I expected more from this book considering she won prizes.

This book was imaginative, though I could do without the masturbating, sex, and swearing that seemed superfluous. Many of these stories left me confused and endings were unsatisfactory.

Actually, I kept reading to see if the book would get better, this is definitely not a young adult book!
A most excellent book. Very descriptive, not only in atmosphere and location, but emotions, too. Catches your interest and doesn't let go.
This book is a find! It is very descriptive and the vocabulary is excellent. True, sometimes it is hard to read when it reverts to really old-style English but the cast of characters and the plots more than make up for the slightly slowing down of your reading speed in order to fully understand what is written. Here the demons are the heroes and the witches are the villians. It is funny how the demons and witches do refer to themselves sometimes as "human" when they are actually living on a far-away planet. I am currently in the middle of this book, and enjoying every minute of it. Every so often I look up an archaic word and enjoy reading the history of the word and it's meaning.