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rajan’s book reviews

I just finished this wonderful Collingwood book. The author must have been a captain of a sailing ship. The accurate description of ship building, navigation and tacking is astounding. Has he seen those islands too? By the time you finish the book you want to read again. Sea lovers wouldn't miss this one.
One of the best books by Collingwood. Unstoppable action reading. A young man of 20 is destined to take command of a ship and on a voyage to avenge Spanish treachery and save his brother from a galley ship. I enumerate the best ones below.

1. Excellent technical descriptions of sail ships by the author. Amazing. Was he a ship captain, ship builder?

2. the boy's strategies for capturing the island town San Juan. The amazing conference and the boy's hold on the High Priest and the Chief of the Inquisition chamber

3. The horrors of Spanish Inquisition procedures. How the English sailors witness the scene of English man's fore head is drilled slowly to make him confess to heresy. How they slowly burn the 'heretics'. The description is well researched and true.

4 The amazing strategy of the capture Nombre De Dios, the Spanish port town. Ane how the young man conducts himself With courteous ruthlessness and hold the Governor to ransom.

%. How ultimately he finds his brother along with other prisoners and the shipload of Spanish treasure.

I recommend this as one of the best reads. Makes a movie stuff.
When I read this book I have a feeling that I read Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Only by a chance I got this beautiful book. This is the story of a boy who elevated himself in life by his honesty, hard work, compassion and grit. A must read for all young people to get inspired.
Wow. What a story. Sabatiny, Collingwood, Farnol and Kingston. England has produced such wonderful authors. I can live with their books. I don't need anything else in life.
I am a sea adventure fan and have read several Collingwood, Farnol and Sabatini stuff. But Kingston has his own style of descriptive writing. He will take you in to time giving every detail of Victorian scene and its sea life. I recommend his books for the sea lovers.
No different from his other book 'The Sea Hawk'.
This book is an outdated junk worth discarded. Hunting is pre-historic which has no place in the modern world. PETA and other animal lovers must bring a ban on this rag.
This book is an abridged version of Arabian Nights. I recommend the four volume complete version available in Manybooks. The volumes are very descriptive and full.