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This is an eminently readable book as the author is an eminently able writer.
I have read many of the works of this man and find all of them fascinating.

This shows the way an old English aristocrat goes to work when when his task is to clear up the slaving in Africa. This,against all odds.
The forerunner of the world famous book
Sailing Alone Around The World by the same author,It`s equally as good and therefore I give it the full 5 stars.
Very out of date and in parts almost metaphysical in character-bordering on the mystical.

It contains little-if any-useful data for the modern scientist or student.
An Honours degree in the English language or a very large and comprehensive dictionary would certainly be helpful for those who wish to fully understand what this learned gentleman has to say.
I had neither and have therefore missed most of his points-I assume.

I have left this at three stars as it seems almost to be undecipherable to a mortal man.

I have little doubt that a person who could understand it would give it five stars however.
I would recommend that this book be added to the curriculum of all schools.
For those starting a business or thinking of starting one,this will surely help you on your way.
Even if you don`t wish to start a business this book will help you to arrange your life to advantage.
Elita has said it all perfectly exactly as I would have said it-had I the ability to do so.
A somewhat rambling account of a reporters attempt to discover an explanation of the mysterious UFO sightings during the first half of the 20th century.

This man is not a story teller, he is a news reporter and as such his ability to render this account in an entertaining way leaves much to be desired.

Whilst based in fact, I assume that this will only really grip the die-hard UFO curious.

His conclusions contain no earth shattering revelations.

I am pushed to award it three stars.
The first to sail around the world alone in recorded history(not Sir Francis Chichester).

Top of the Mariners Library since he made the voyage.

Kaiser Wilhelm said that he liked the book "because it never displayed any fear" in what must have been-in parts-a harrowing journey.

Open it anywhere and just go for a sail.

5 stars +
A fascinating work of non-fiction. The building of the railroad between Mombasa and Nairobi Kenya in the late 1890`s.

Colonel Pattersons autobiography of his problems with maneating lions and his forays into the world of big game hunting gets a bit gruesome in places,but you really get to see how it was before tourism took over.

This all takes place in the almost Garden Of Eden like East Africa of that era.

One gets an insight into the way of thinking of those doughty old aristocrats of yore. He may have been English,but he was certainly very different in his way of thinking than we modern English.

I found it a wonderful book and feel able to make comparisons having lived in Kenya for some eight years and unhesitatingly give it five stars.

The book was made into a film called The Man-Eaters of Tsavo.