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Not as good as "The Leavenworth case" but still recommendable. For me the problem with this book was that the basis of the plot lies 30 years in the past, which interrupts the story too much.
Still a good read. Apparently inspired by Emile Gaboriau
A classic novel. According to many readers the best novel ever written. Certainly one of the most famous novels in English literature.

It is set in the period when the industrial revolution started and it follows several characters with different backgrounds.

At times a bit slow, but a very good read.
This is a great novel and certainly a must-read. It is a mystery novel you can't put down, because it never is clear where the story will go next.

The story is told by the main characters, in succession, which gives an extra dimension to the book.

Not for nothing (about) six movies, two tv miniseries and a musical (by Andrew Lloyd Webber) were made after this book. Sadly the best one (with Jenny Seagrove and Diana Quick) is not available on dvd. The rest is too much abridged. So, if you want the whole story, read the book. And read it again!
Very good read. A man meets an unknown woman and wants to help her, though he does not know how and why. Then she disappears from his life and he starts to look for her and her past. Very well written.