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sujen’s book reviews

The story itself was interesting and fast-paced, but there was just something kind of "cheesy" about this book, like a "B" movie on paper. Maybe it was the 1960's version of what a macho man should be, or the 1960's idea of futurism.

I did enjoy the book - it was just a little clumsy at times.
I found this to be a fascinating book. It is about a future in which people with enough capital can upload their mind to a disk while their new body is being cloned, androids exist that are perfect copies of real humans, and a fierce half human/ half machine assassin protects the interests of an all-powerful corporation.

The characters in the book have much more depth than most modern sci-fi.
interesting 1920's era gumshoe style mystery. It's very short - just long enough for a bedtime read. I found it enjoyable.
Overall, a good book, but I found myself skipping over some of tedious and overly-wordy parts. The premise is quite interesting, and the characterization is very good. the author was able to make you care about the 2 main characters.
Very good - although many modern readers will want more realistic explanations for some of the rather fantastic situations and occurances. A nice book that won't require too much deep thought.
A wonderful, moody, romantic, mysterious book. I first read it as a teenager, and I was amazed that some "old person" (ha!) from years ago could write such a passionate book.

You won't be able to lay it down until you finish it....
The best book ever written - an owner's manual for life. If you aren't familiar with the Bible, let me suggest that you actually read the New Testament first.

There is not a subject known to man that isn't addressed by the Bible.

Ahhh...nothing quite as refreshing as a spooky book to raise some goosebumps on a hot summer day!

This volume, consisting of just one ghost tale, is as much of a psychological thriller as a paranormal story. While Le Fanu's wordy 18th century style may be a bit tiresome at times, it mostly serves this moody ironic tale very well.
Geoff Habiger - Magic and Mayhem, Sword and Sorcery, Science Fiction and Fantasy
FEATURED AUTHOR - Born in the frozen landscape of Toluca, Mexico, Ricardo dreamed of being a writer. But needing a job that could pay the rent while writing, he studied Industrial Design and later obtained a PhD in Sustainable Design, while living in the United Kingdom. There, he did a few things besides burning the midnight oil to get his degree: -Trained in archery near Nottingham -Worked in a comic book store to pay for his board game & toy addiction He is back now in Toluca, living with his wife and his… Read more