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Zachery Miller
Zachery Miller writes the YA Morbid Tales horror series and the science fiction middle grade Psionica series. CUrrently working on a horror novel entitled: The Flesh Thief.

Zachery Miller’s book reviews

L. A. Kelley - Adventure, Humor and a bit of Romance
FEATURED AUTHOR - L.A. Kelley writes fantasy and science fiction. Kelley's stories contain adventure, humor, and a little romance because life is dull without it. The South is home; a place where the heat and humidity have driven everyone slightly mad and Bigfoot sightings are common. As our Author of the Day, Kelley tells us all about The Rules for Lying, the first book in the Big Easy Shaman series. Please give us a short introduction to what The Rules for Lying is about. The Rules of Lying is a preachy… Read more