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A wonderful, thoughtful yet non-pretentious tale of a guy who has superpowers he is ashamed of, and a girl who suppresses them -- because they don't fit into the Real World(tm) where both try to live in.

They form a superhero-tandem and make it their mission to fight the evils of the modern age, not because that is the "right thing to do" but because both have been hurt deeply by the injustice and hypocrisy of others.

They both come to face their "abnormality" as something that can finally be accepted and lived with, and Munroe succeeds exceedingly well in relating their story with our own "big secrets we haven't told anyone" - being a lesbian can, if properly applied, prove to have more distinct superhero-effect in our society than any other imagined superpower.
I still haven't finished "Pride and Prejudice" but already it has become one of my favorite books. I would have never thought it possible, though, but my girlfriend had mentioned it once as a very good title, so I endeavored to read it even if I held myself a rational, organized (if slightly messy) being, and not very good at romance -- your run-off-the-mill male. Now I am thoroughly enjoying the book. And I wish I had read it sooner, for it does speak very clearly to my reckless character of the importance and consequences of social address, noting the emotions of others and proper ways of expressing my own. A textbook on style you may call it, but only if you do not observe "style" as something which belongs to the times past; there is a good deal of immediate benefit to be gained by adding just a touch of manneurism to own conduct. I've grown to understand and appreciate that fact while reading "Pride and Prejudice".

I would like to call it a "must-read" for all my fellow beer-drinking, loud-speaking young males, but I fear I might be expressly expelled from their fine circles, so I will leave it as a sort of "silent discovery" for those guys who think there's more to life. Yep, there always is :)