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6 Free Classic Sci Fi eBooks About Mars

Long before the red planet became a target for unmanned expeditions and remote exploration, Mars has fascinated humanity. Science fiction authors, in particular, have a fondness for our neighboring planet and it wasn’t so long ago that humanity thought that Mars had some form of water and life. Of course, thanks to Mariner in the 1960s, a lot of the mysteries about Mars were dispelled, but there are still a wealth of imaginative books about the planet for those disappointed with the reality.

Six Free Romance Novels Set During Time of War

Traditionally, romance novels tend to be set in contemporary times or, if authors prefer something a little more historic, Regency England. However, there is a whole world of free eBooks available that feature other time periods for love to bloom. War is a time of great tragedy and sacrifice, but amidst all the chaos and violence there are still opportunities for love. The six free romance novels below are all set during times of war, placing more obstacles than usual in the paths of the star-crossed lovers.


5 Free Mystery/Detective Novels With The Most Unassuming Titles

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but what about its title? A good title can instantly pique your interest, give you a clue about the story or set the tone for the book. However, there are also a few books with riveting stories lurking behind a rather unassuming title. While not outright misleading, these book titles don’t exactly capture the imagination or create any type of expectation for their stories. Unfortunately, this also means that often these books are overlooked, especially in the mystery/detective genre where readers are looking for suspense or excitement. To avoid missing out on some good stories simply due to their titles, have a look at the following free books that are much better than their rather mundane titles might suggest.


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Jack Rosewood
Open the pages of this True Crime collection filled with 12 different and unique shocking true crime murder stories that shocked the world. This is the sixth independent book in Jack Rosewood's bestselling True Crime Stories series, check it out now!
JH Croix
One kiss. So hot it scalded me. She wants two things—commitment and that elusive O. I can only give her one, so I make a deal. One month and more O’s than she can count.
Jill Meniketti
ALMOST FAMOUS meets GRUMPY OLD MEN, UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. When rock’s former biggest rebel loses everything, he’s forced to call in favors from all the rock star royalty whom he’d burned his entire career. See why *real* rock stars love this novel!
Patrice Chaplin
Vicky Graham, an unsuccessful film producer at the BBC, crosses the path of Luciano Raffi, a famous violinist, as he performs at the Proms. A secret history, nearly untraced, connects these distant souls…
Allison Morse
Screen goddess Gloria Reardon’s murder hypnotized the public with its scandalous details and shocked two generations. Now Kate holds the key to the killer’s identity. Will she make sense of the terrifying past before she is forced to relive it?
Luther Standing Bear
Among the first books about Native Americans written from the Native American point of view, My People the Sioux is the autobiography of Luther Standing Bear.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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