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C.L. Bevill has been in the U.S. Army, cleaned floors, a graphic illustrator, a therapist, and a stay at home mother before she took up writing. She loves to write stories that explore the human mind, keep readers mystified and include just a dash of romance. As our author of the day, Bevill chats about her fascination with telepathy, Cajun culture and reveals how she thinks dreams serve us in life.

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5 Most Unique Forms of Transport in Books

From horses to spaceships and everything in between, there is no shortage of transpiration methods in books, no matter when or where they are set. However, apart from the more traditional methods of getting around, some authors have also come up with some very unique forms of transportation for their characters. Some of them, such as teleportation, have become so popular that they were adopted for other books, movies and television shows. Here are just a few of the more innovate ways that characters reach their destinations in the world of fiction.

6 Must-Read Books Featuring Dragons

Dragons, the legendary fire-breathing creatures that are so prevalent in myths, have fascinated humanity for ages. Whether it is the reptilian dragons from European stories or the serpentine creatures found in Asian tales, there is no denying their popularity. While everything from whale skeletons to crocodiles and dinosaurs has been credited as the inspiration for dragons, there is still an air of mystery that surround them. This is also why it is no surprise that many fantasy authors have embraced dragons as integral parts of their books.

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Ted Tayler
First book in ‘The Phoenix’ series. A man headhunted because of his skills as a super-efficient stone cold killer. The secret organization which recruited him send agents across the world removing criminals who pose a threat to political or economic stability.
C.L. Bevill
Anna, an orphan travelling to New Orleans, encounters the elusive Lake People and their mysterious world of psychics among the bayous. There she meets Gabriel and finds that her connection to the Lake People is just as mysterious.
Scott Nicholson & Joshua Simcox
When Mackie Dailey survives a cataclysmic solar storm that wipes out civilization and mutates others into violent killers, he seeks out the one person he cares about most.
James Meyers
Shows another side of the medal Gives a clear understanding of what insurance business is about Helps get rid of concerns, worries and a feeling that your life's in danger Helps understand if life insurance really gives the benefits that you were promised
John Winthrop
On April 8th, 1630, John Winthrop and his seven hundred fellow travelers began their voyage to start a new life in North America. This is essential reading for anyone interested in how the early settlers of America survived their first trials and tribulations.
Danielle Shaw
Sally Palmer has just had her decree absolute delivered—she is no longer married to her husband. As a thirty-something, she wonders how she is going to start her life over again.
Craig A McDonough
The worst flu since 1918 is ravaging Europe and on its way to America. What's more, it appears deliberate. CDC officer, Grace Delaney, discovers the truth but can she save the USA and herself? Pestilence: The Infection Begins - a conspiracy thriller.
Joe Klingler
Two seemingly unconnected incidents—a missing lawyer and an elderly hit-and-run victim—lead Qigiq and Kandy to a vintage motorcycle café, a million-dollar yacht, a cliffside confrontation, and a musician named Mylin. Young. Attractive. And illegal.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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