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RD Vincent likes to take readers to a special place to call your own, a place where time stands still, a fabled town called Donbridge. Vincent's Donbridge series is a collection of stories and folk tales, some of which he heard from his own grandmother. As our author of the day, Vincent talks about the latest bundle from this series, tells us more about the inspiration behind the stories and reveals why he also included recipes in the books.

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5 Philanthropist Authors Who Used Their Wealth & Fame For Good

A lot of attention is often given to famous celebrities who are also philanthropists, but they are by no means the only ones doing good in the world. Quite a few bestselling authors are also putting the money that they have earned through their books to good use. Here are just a few authors who are helping to make the world a better place through their generous donations.

Five Of The Most Eye-catching Book Covers

While it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, sometimes the art can be so bad that it dissuades readers from giving the book a chance. However, the opposite is also true and there are a few books with covers that immediately catches the eye and piques your curiosity. This is why there are also numerous classic books that have had their cover images updated to be more appealing to modern audiences. While there are too many great covers for any type of definitive list, here are a just few of our favorite book covers for classic and new novels.

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Catie Rhodes
When psychic medium Peri Jean Mace’s trailer trash cousin gets murdered, Peri Jean feels obligated to expose the killer. But this murderer isn’t going down without a fight. Will Peri Jean end up the next victim?
L.E. Fraser
The game is simple: trust no one and stay alive. When a patient’s husband is brutally murdered, a famous psychiatrist tries to hide his unethical conduct. As his secrets unravel, a ruthless killer targets the two people determined to expose the truth.
Luana Ehrlich
After escaping from Iran, CIA intelligence operative, Titus Ray, goes on the run from an assassin and gets involved in a murder. Is the killer connected to the Iranian couple in Oklahoma? Can Detective Nikki Saxon be trusted with his secrets?
Ayelet Kalter
Could dieting be what keeps us gaining weight? An intimate description of the daemons of diet through the eyes of two women and their dietitian. Journey to a world where self-value and success are not measured in calories and pounds.
John Singleton Mosby
This book is a fascinating account that covers Mosby’s entry into the Confederate army, daily life within it and major battles including Manassas and Gettysburg.
Anna Faversham
How much does our past influence our future? Would you change the course of history for the one you love? And risk your own life too?
Christopher Kenworthy
Dead or Alive sees three of bestselling western author Christopher Kenworthy’s wild west adventures brought together in one epic collection - No Surrender, Fight or Die and Shoot to Kill.
May Freighter
Join Helena Hawthorn on her journey into the supernatural world where sarcasm may not be the best weapon and vampires are the least of her problems.
Daniel Davidsohn
Nick Dalca's perfect life is starting to crumble. His private jet? Missing. Wife and son? Presumed dead. Having no one left, Nick makes a shocking decision: to negotiate the future of his business conglomerate, and find his family.
RD Vincent
The fabled town of Donbridge is a secret place known by only four companions who reveal themselves over time. A grandmother guides her grandchildren through these stories as she cooks and shares her storytelling talents to her family.
Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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