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Will Books Be Getting Longer in 2017?

Movie fans will have noticed that films appear to be getting longer, but this is not a unique phenomena. The average length of books has also steadily been creeping up through the years. There are a couple of theories on why this may be happening. While the rise in ebooks, and the convenience they offer,  have certainly contributed to the trend, there are a few other possibilities as to why books are getting longer.

eBooks Are Easier To Carry Around

In the past, longer books were usually reserved for holidays due to their sheer size and weight. People who loved to read during their daily commute on business or trains didn’t necessarily want to carry around a big, heavy book with them everywhere. Thanks to the shift from physical to digital, this is no longer such a big issue. It doesn’t matter how long a book is, it is not going to weigh you down or take up any more space.

Digital Is Less Intimidating

While some people love the look of a big, heavy book, others find it very intimidating. This can cause them to avoid reading longer books because they are daunted by the task of finishing them. However, with the rise in popularity of ebooks, this is less of an issue. Instead of seeing the size and weight of a book, the page count is now just a number on a screen, which means there is less of a psychological barrier.

Our Entertainment Habits Have Changed

The rise of digital streaming services, such as Netflix, has changed the way in which we view entertainment. Instead of watching a single episode of a television show and then having to patiently wait, viewers can now binge watch an entire series on demand. This willingness to invest a large amount of time on entertainment has been noticed by authors who are now more confident about writing longer books.

More Authors Self-Publish

In the past, it was extremely difficult for authors to self-publish a book due to the cost involved. This meant signing up with a publisher, which often also results in loss of creative control. Thanks to the internet and the rise of e-books, it is now easier for authors to self-publish books without an overzealous editor cutting back large swathes of text.

Readers Enjoy More Substantial Stories

So many sources of information online competing for the attention of people have given rise to bite-sized articles. Since sites all fear that the shorter attention span of readers will drive them away, information is kept as short and to the point as possible. However, with books, readers are looking for something more substantial and can appreciate a good story where they are able to lose themselves in a different world with interesting characters.

Bigger Feels Like Better Value For Money

A lot of people prefer reading books digitally instead of opting for physical copies because of the convenience involved. However, this means that when you do buy a physical copy of a book, you expect to receive something that feels like value for money. A longer book that looks and feels hefty is a more attractive option in such a case. 

Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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