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The Opened Shutters
Clara Louise Burnham
An Easter Disciple
The Chronicle of Quintus, the Roman Knight
Arthur Benton Sanford
A Popular Schoolgirl
Angela Brazil
Physics and Politics
Walter Bagehot
Jo's Boys
Louisa May Alcott
How Sammy Went to Coral-Land
Emily Paret Atwater
Abraham Lincoln
James Russell Lowell
The Outdoor Chums on the Gulf
or, Rescuing the Lost Balloonists
Captain Quincy Allen
Strangers at Lisconnel
A Second Series of Iris Idylls
Jane Barlow
Campfire Girls at Twin Lakes
The Quest of a Summer Vacation
Stella M. Francis
Gravity's Angel
Tom Maddox
Right Above Race
Otto H. Kahn
Extrait des notes et lettres d'un lieutenant de la marine anglaise entre au service de la Turquie le 10 mai 1876 tue dans les murs de Kars, le 27 octobre 1877.
Pierre Loti