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The Poor Clare by Elizabeth Gaskell
A beautiful story illustrating that your curse returns to you three times. In the late 1700s, a lawyer is hired to find the heir to an Irish estate. He meets a variety of pleasant and fearful people... more.
Project Hush by Philip Klass
A funny little story by William Tenn about an army project that is so secret that it sort of gets lost. Very short. A bit predictable.... more.
The Phantom of Bogue Holauba by Mary Noailles Murfree
A rather mild ghost story, set in pre-Civil War Louisiana. The whites do nothing, the slaves are superstitious, and the terrible secret that stuns and disturbs the cousin and doctor is rather underwh... more.
The Inner Shrine by Basil King
A romance in the pride and prejudice style, without the humour, and an awful lot of pride and prejudice. Set in France and America, I enjoyed the first half but the end seemed rather convoluted. ... more.
Scarhaven Keep by J.S. Fletcher
This is another well-written Fletcher mystery. Fletcher usually develops his plots around some interesting characters and settings, this book is no exception. I enjoyed the unexpected revelation at th... more.
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