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The History of Chivalry by G.P.R. James
the best... more.
Cape Cod Stories by Joseph Crosby Lincoln
Just a laughable bunch of stories written in the tongue of the east coast. If you enjoy humour these are worth a try.... more.
All He Knew by John Habberton
What a marvellous little story.I'm not a religious man but it made me think of the good and bad in Everyman.... more.
The Web of the Golden Spider by Frederick Orin Bartlett
A magnifiscent adventures story (not a mystery or detective one). As any book of this genre, there are some unavoidable topics, like a treasure map, but the author enriches them with unusual detai... more.
The Lodger by Marie Belloc Lowndes
A must read..draws the reader in. ... more.
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