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PÔkia by Louis Becke
An old Samoan man sleeping on the beach with an English trader slowly gets drunk and recalls incidents of his life, and of island life before the Christians came. There's no plot, and the old man is ... more.
Rada - A Drama of War in One Act by Alfred Noyes
A one-act, one scene play of a doctor's wife trying to protect her 12 year old daughter from Romanian soldiers after they had invaded their town and killed her husband. It pretty much illustrates how... more.
Chain of Command by Stephen Arr
An amusing bit of silliness. The grandson of an irradiated mouse with increased mental abilities is nagged by his wife into speaking to the janitor about the mousetrap he keeps putting outside their h... more.
Fake by Moxie Mezcal
Told as a series of confessions by the people involved, the story has to do with a wire service stringer investigating a wildfire who visits a burnt shack with a dungeon that seemed to have held a wom... more.
A Rational Theology by John A. Widtsoe
I have written a doctoral dissertation on Hegel\'s philosophy. The obscure philosopher would remain as such have I not read A Rational Theology. So far as the Protestantism is the preparation for the ... more.
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