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The Complete Essays of Michel de Montaigne by Michel de Montaigne
really want to read his essays.... more.
The Mystery of the Green Ray by William le Queux
At the start of World War I, Ron Ewart is on the brink of enlisting. He is making a farewell visit to Myra McLeod, his fiancée, in the Scottish Highlands when she is suddenly and mysteriously blinded ... more.
Kept by Zoe Winters
Vampire/magician/shapechanger stories are not something I seek out. They bore me. This one had a plot that kept me guessing (what was Simon's plan? who was in on it? who could be trusted?), a couple... more.
Lost in Translation by Laurence Mark Janifer
An agent for the Interstellar Union is sent to a newly discovered planet with a highly efficient, logical, scientifically brilliant race that is on the verge of spaceflight and has atomic weapons. H... more.
Dante: His Times and His Work by Arthur John Butler

A fascinating biography if you are interested in medieval literature or the Machiavellian politics of 14th century Italy. Mostly covering Dante Alighieri’s greatest work, The Divine Comedy, ... more.

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