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The Herapath Property by J.S. Fletcher
Following the murder of a wealthy businessman, a disputed will leads to family strife and a deeper mystery.... more.
The Hero by W. Somerset Maugham
After 5 years in India and fighting in the Boer War, the son of a disgraced army colonel returns home to his village with the Victoria Cross. He is appalled by the bigotry and narrowness of mind of h... more.
The Elephant God by Gordon Casserly
Here we have a remarkable tale of a superman, his super elephant, and even a super snake—the hamadryad or famed elephant-killer snake, known to pursue and drag them down before swallowing them whole. ... more.
John Enderby by Gilbert Parker
A historical yarn about a loyal Englishman who refuses a knighthood from Charles I (he can't afford the fees for the title), and whose sense of honor forces him into exile until Cromwell takes power. ... more.
Postsingular by Rudy Rucker
Weird and wonderful. Writing is kind of manic, but characters and plot draw you in. I love Thuy and her Kiqqie(Homeless genius) friends. I think this one is a science fiction classic.... more.
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