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The Expressman and the Detective by Allan Pinkerton
Unexpectedly good read. With more than a century in advance, Allan Pinkerton anticipates the true crime books style: the narrative is a pure succession of actions and contra-actions. And also, obv... more.
Murder! by Arnold Bennett
A good, original and highly amusing short story. Mystery and humour tied in one. Leaves you with a good feeling.... more.
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
A masterpiece that exposes the inner reflections of tragedy and how will and vengeance fuse to create a devastating effect plus exquisite dialogues that provokes the heart to thought even as the evil ... more.
Mr Justice Maxell by Edgar Wallace
One of those multi-generational stories where young people get caught up in plots and grudges laid by their elders decades before. Wallace picks up and drops the threads in a slapdash way with way too... more.
The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume
This was Hume's first novel, and he was clearly learning his craft. It starts out ploddingly, but things pick up in the second half when the rather obvious red herrings start to unravel. ... more.
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