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Shadows of Flames by Amelie Rives
This a beautifully written romance. The drama centres around an exquisite soul who is reaching for those feelings which are beyond herself.She suffers through her relationships with men.It is both of... more.
The Castaways by Captain Mayne-Reid
(1870) Adventure (Survival) / Young Readers / Nautical (Ship wreck)

Plot bullets
  • Seven persons survive a ship wreck during a typhoon in the Celebes Sea. Soon, only... more.
A Message From the Sea by Charles Dickens
(1814) Mystery (Search) / Short story (From collection)
From the 1894, Chapman and Hall ]Christmas Stories'.
R: * * * *
Plot bullets
  • A Sea captain finds ... more.
The Creature from Cleveland Depths by Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr.
(1962) Sci-fi (Invention) / Thriller (Future) / Short story (Magazine)
From 'Galaxy Magazine', 1962.
R: * * * *
Plot bullets
  • The atomic war is still going ... more.
With The Night Mail by Rudyard Kipling
(1909) Sci-Fi (Futuristic view) / Adventure (peril in the air)
R: * * *
Plot bullets
  • Story of the future ( a 1909 look forward to 2000), when the mail is no longe... more.
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