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Below Zero by Ellis Parker Butler
The Kaiser's spy and sabotage network in the U.S. is paralyzed by the efficiency of the Secret Service. But for Germany to win the war, the economy of the U.S. must be disrupted. The leaders of the ... more.
U.S. Patent 4,293,314: Gelled Fuel-Air Explosive by Bertram O. Stull
If a flammable liquid is sprayed as an aerosol across a large area, then ignited, the entire area will explode. This gentleman is patenting a better liquid to explode--it's safer. Not for the poor b... more.
The Uncle of an Angel by Thomas A. Janvier
A spoiled, cynical, and obdurate teenaged woman is dumped on her aged, overweight, pretentious uncle when her mother dies. They begin a battle of wills. The writing is stodgy, but literate. The witt... more.
Trinity Atomic Bomb, White Sands Missle Range by Anonymous
Sort of an information pamphlet about the first atomic bomb. Details of the layout, and general information about assembling the bomb, with a little description of the actual detonation. It's govern... more.
Taboo by James Branch Cabell
An elaborate satire on censorship and pompous critics, complete with ancient, fabricated, footnotes. It is dedicated to an agent of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, whom the author c... more.
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