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The Principles of Aesthetics by Dewitt H. Parker
The Principles of Aesthetics... more.
The Big Fix by George Oliver Smith
In a future world where everyone can read minds--somewhat--Wally Wilson (cardsharp, bookie) is better than most. Joe Barcelona wants the Kentucky Derby fixed, and leans hard on Wally to do it. But h... more.
'Murphy' by Ernest Gambier-Parry
I love it... more.
The Dunwich Horror by H. P. Lovecraft
(1929) Horror (Occult) / Thriller
R: * * * * *
Plot bullets
  • The town of Dunwich lies in the Miskatonic Valley, where legends of evil abide.
  • Dunwich's ... more.
The Second Voice by Mann Rubin
The U.S. Government is going to bounce a radio signal off of Mars, and scientists come to the conclusion that only the falsetto voice a ventriloquist uses for his dummy will work in their experiment. ... more.
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