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Complete Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spritualism by A. Alpheus
Interesting collection of early info on at the time a new science. Several case studies and methods examined from the early days. Greg B. ... more.
The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne
One of my favourite books when in school. I read it many times after that. Now I own a copy and still reading it. The book is sure to bring in a spirit of adventure in young people.... more.
A Romance of Kangaroo Point by Ernest Favenc
A droll story, narrated by an insufferably pretentious son of an insufferably pretentious English father after their relocation to Australia. The son's social climbing and snobbishness set him up nic... more.
Bygone Punishments by William Andrews
A very uneven account of the various methods of killing or torturing and mutilating people throughout the history of England. Hanging, pressing, burning at the stake, boiling, beheading, branding, wh... more.
The Unspeakable Gentleman by John P. Marquand
This is such a classic in style.An early example of the really cool hero. Sword fights, misunderstandings dramatic verbal and physical duals,and a plot that moves so that you can\'t see the complete ... more.
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