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Sodom and Gomorrah, Texas by Raphael Aloysius Lafferty
A tall tale about leprechaun-like people. Itís short and easy read, slightly creative, and attempts to be humorous. For me the story and humor was uninspiring. ... more.
Move Under Ground by Nick Mamatas
Kerouac vs Cthulhu. A beatnik pastiche with lots of lovecraft thrown in. Its really well done, of course the gap between the beatniks and lovecraft isn't as wide as you might think. Anyone who's read ... more.
Three Acres and Liberty by Bolton Hall
This book written at the end of WWI, attempted to inspire Victory Gardens so to speak as a profitable business for the poor who lived in the cities. By turning vacant city lots and small acreage in su... more.
Cashel Byron's Profession by George Bernard Shaw
A wealthy and highly educated youhg heiress forms a relationship with a professional prize fighter, causing quite a turmoil in class-conscious English society. The book has some good moments but somet... more.
One Basket by Edna Ferber
Have to agree with the others, just excellent stories and writing.... more.
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