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Pat Dunlap Evans - Falling in Love With Your Characters

When Pat Dunlap Evans isn't dreaming about vacationing in Hawaii, she enjoys exploring the minds of her characters and writing about their inner struggles. After working in marketing and advertising for years, Evans quit her day job to become a full time novelist, and has never looked back. As our Author of the Day, we chat with Evans about her book, To Leave a Memory, how the main character, Andrew, was conceived after drinking a beer and how hard it is to stay disciplined as an author.

Niki Embers - Coming-of-Age Stories About Young Love

Niki Embers enjoys writing stories with a bit of an old-fashioned cadence, aimed at new adults and anyone who has ever been young and in love. When she isn't writing love stories, she might be working on books in other genres under one of her secret aliases. As our author of the day, Embers talks about young love, how her own life inspired her characters and what she does with the "bad guys" from her books.

Raven Oak - When all the Swords are Pointing at You

Bestselling speculative fiction author, Raven Oak, enjoys creating epic worlds where interesting cultures and political factions tend to clash. When she isn't plotting her next book or trying to keep her cats from the keyboard, she also loves staring at the ocean, or drawing intricate maps. As our author of the day, Oak reveals why Amaskan's Blood has been her most personal novel and talks about human nature, political intrigue and how nothing in the world is ever black and white.

Shawnee Small - New Adult Urban Fantasy With a Twist

Shawnee Small calls herself a jack of all trades, but has certainly mastered the art of writing wonderful new adult urban fantasy. Since she published her first book Watcher, it has made Amazon's bestsellers list, including #1 in New Adult/College Fantasy, #1 Paranormal Suspense and # 1 in Urban Fantasy. As our author of the day, Small chats about how much blood, sweat and tears go into writing a book, talks about her days in the goth scene and reveals how Poesy Wharton was not initially planned to be the main character in Watcher.

Madhu Bazaz Wangu - Mastering the art of Mindful Writing

Before she became a full-time writer, Madhu Bazaz Wangu spent 15 years traveling the world, teaching Hindu and Buddhist art history at various universities. Wangu holds a doctorate in the Phenomenology of Religions from the University of Pittsburgh and a post-doctoral fellowship from the Harvard University and finds inspiration for her work in nature and through meditation. As our author of the day, Wangu talks about religion, reveals how a woman at a funeral inspired her to write The Immigrant Wife and tells us all about her Mindful Writers group.

Renee Leigh - Books That Make You Smile

When she isn't practising law in her "spare time", Renee Leigh enjoys writing the type of books that she likes to read. Books that are light-hearted and fun to read while you are sitting back with a glass of wine. As our author of the day, Leigh reveals how she actually wrote You Should Smile for herself, how she shapes her characters and talks about her binge-writing habits.

David Archer - Letting a Book Write Itself

When David Archer is not creating music, poetry or building custom cars, you will often find him yelling "NO!" at his word processor screen while working on his lastest bestseller. Archer claims that his books write themselves, a technique that certainly seems to work for him, as both his Sam Prichard and Noah Wolf series are highly entertaining and have achieved #1 bestseller status on USA TODAY and AMAZON. As our author of the day, Archer reveals how he has no idea what his characters will get up to, how he managed to make Sam Prichard so relatable and which actor he thinks would be worthy of Prichard's role.

Danielle Soucy Mills - Endings and Beginnings

Danielle Soucy Mills wrote her first novel when she was only 10 years old and has since earned her BA and MFA in Creative Writing and won multiple awards with her books, Tina Tumbles and Illusion of an Ending. When she is not writing or practising backflips, Mills enjoys spending time with her husband and one year old daughter. As our author of the day, Mills talks about Illusion of an Ending, her perception of the afterlife and reveals how a series of events inspired the book.

Stewart Sanders - Dystopian Sci-Fi With a Touch of History

As a child, Stewart Sanders wanted to be an astronaut. Today, he is exploring space and the outer reaches of his mind in an activity that is equally exciting: being a sci-fi author. As our author of the day, Sanders reveals how his Paradox series was inspired by a recurring dream he used to have, how he keeps readers at the edge of their seats and chats about parallel lives.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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