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Author of the Day Archive

James Schannep - Letting Readers Pick Their Poison

James Schannep suffers from creativity overload. His brain can't seem to stop overthinking things and new ideas for his stories just tend to get out of hand. Which is why writing choose your own adventure books are so perfect - with multiple characters and over 50 endings, the possibilities are endless. Schannep mostly writes funny, happy stories about noble heroes -- that is, if his readers don't make the most twisted choices, sending him down some very dark, evil paths.

Michele PW - Twisted Thrillers About Sisters

Michele PW used to specialize in copywriting only, but when she finally came out of the "fiction closet", readers were raving about her work. Her first two books, The Stolen Twin and Mirror Image, are psychological thrillers that center around sister relationships, with twists and turns that keep readers guessing until the very end. As our author of the day, Michele gives us behind-the-scenes insights into The Stolen Twin, reveals how she taught herself to read when she was only three years old and talks about a brand new series she is working on.

Susan Kaye Quinn - From Rocket Scientist to Author

Jokingly, Susan Kaye Quinn says she took a left turn at NASA and fell into an inkpot. Pursuing her dream, the former rocket scientist now explores her creative side and writes riveting young adult science fiction. As our author of the day, we chat with Quinn about her Singularity series, her fascination with things that go BOOM! and whether she would ever like to become a human/robot hybrid herself.

Lorhainne Eckhart - Romance, Military Heroes and Human Trafficking

Multi-award winning author, Lorhainne Eckhart, gets up every morning and breathes in the ocean air, ready to work on her latest bestseller. When she isn't writing, and the weather is good, Eckhart partakes in dragonboat racing. In today's interview, Eckhart talks about her The Saved series, of which the second book, Vanished, just won the 2016 Readers Favorite Awards for Suspense. She also reveals her competitive side and gives some valuable writing advice.

Trace Conger - Writing About a P.I. Who Bends the Rules

Once upon a time, Trace Conger used to be a freelance writer. Nowadays, as an author, he enjoys crafting great works of fiction, doing some amateur woodworking and being a kickass dad. He is best known for his Mr. Finn series (featuring a P.I. who is anything but a goody-two-shoes) of which the first book, The Shadow Broker, won the 2015 Shamus Award for Best Indie P.I. Novel. Today we chat about why mr. Finn is not your typical hero, how Conger still enjoys the feel of paperbacks in his hands and the new paranormal mystery that he is working on.

Lance Conrad - Riveting, Thought-Provoking Fantasy

When Lance Conrad isn't researching how to grow kumquats indoors or looking up the latest nuclear reactor designs, he writes riveting fantasy novels with a lot of heart. The first book in his Historian Tales series, The Price of Creation, is wildly popular and boasts a 5-star average on Amazon. Today, Conrad reveals to us how a dance with a pretty girl inspired him to write The Price of Creation, how he practises acupuncture on his friends and how he has to battle his own brain in order to produce his novels.

Meredith Allard - Charles Dickens Meets Downton Abbey

Meredith Allard fell in love with Charles Dickens' work when she was in college and after watching every Downton Abbey episode multiple times, she decided to create a work inspired by her favorite author and TV show. When it Rained at Hembry Castle is the perfect marriage between the humor and mystery of Dickens' work and the upstairs/downstairs world of the English aristocrats. As our author of the day, Allard tells us more about what made her want to write a book set in the Victorian era, how she makes her characters come to life and how Hembry Castle has been brewing in her mind for 20 years.

Miles A. Maxwell - Private Pilot Writing Post-Apocalyptic Mysteries

Having flown over many scenic locations as a private pilot, Miles A. Maxwell has a unique perspective of the world. Flights of his imagination took him to a post-apocalyptic New York after a nuclear bomb has been dropped on the city, where he started crafting an edge-of-the-seat mystery series. As our author of the day, Maxwell reveals how his State of Reason books took him 15 years to write, how much input his readers had and which actors he would like to see in the leads in a movie adaptation.

Chris Karlsen - Knights, Time Travel and Romance

When Chris Karlsen explores the world around her, she likes to stop and imagine herself in the same place, but during a different time. Growing up with a history professor as a father, writing against a historical backdrop was a no-brainer to Karlsen. She also mixes in some time travel, romance and action, which is why it is not surprising that her Knights in Time series has become wildly popular.

Soraya Naomi - Danger, Passion and Forbidden Love

Soraya Naomi enjoys stories with a lot of passion, a touch of danger and a dash of forbidden love. The books from her Chicago Syndicate series contain all of these elements and it is not surprising that the series has become wildly popular as a result. As our author of the day, Naomi chats with us about her characters, how she uses humor in her books and how she would like to have lunch with Stephen King.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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