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Robert Storey - Forbidden History, Conspiracies and Natural Disasters

When a debilitating neck condition suddenly changed Robert Storey's life completely, he started writing as a means of escape. Storey was very interested in forbidden history, conspiracy theories and disaster scenarios, which inspired him to start writing the Ancient Origins series - little did he know that his books would become bestsellers. As our Author of the Day, we chat with Storey about his journey as an author, archaeology, giants and much more.

Cardeno C. - Enriching and Encouraging Romance

Cardeno C. is a self-reported hopeless romantic. After seeing story after story (targeted to a gay-welcoming audience) where gay characters get hurt, killed, or are deeply miserable, he decided to write books where this is not the case. Where there are happily-ever-afters and where people start their own homes and families. The Home-series was born and today, Cardeno C. tells us all about it and talks about his characters and writing habits.

Mike Panno - Dark, Bloody and Hilariously Funny

Michael Panno likes to write books that make you think about humanity and morality, but are also hilariously funny and entertaining. Animal Rites is no exception - a retired Secret Service agent and circus dwarf embark on an epic journey into the seedy world of animal poaching, pornography and prostitution. As our Author of the Day, Panno talks about this book, life in general and what he hopes readers will take away from it.

Julia Shupe - Terrifyingly Realistic Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

When Julia Shupe came across an article stating that the seafood industry would completely collapse by 2050, it got her thinking. What would happen to humans if all ocean life would go extinct? Barren Waters was born, a terrifyingly realistic survival story that follows the collapse of civilization. As our Author of the Day, Shupe reveals how she creates such believable characters, talks about the research she did for this book and why she would want readers to take a nap after finishing it.

Bethany Turner - Greatest Love Story the World Has Never Known

Bethany Turner knows how to rap one very specific song, how to pick the most expensive designer bag at any store and how to use celebrities to create the greatest love story the world has never known. Her books follow the story of Abigail Phelps, a girl who has, purportedly, won Olympic gold medals and Academy Awards, who has George Clooney as a best friend and who has been the great love of JFK Jr.'s life. As our Author of the Day, we chat with Turner about why she decided to use an unreliable narrator in her stories (and why Abigail is actually not that unreliable) and what it takes to make celebrities come to life as characters in a story.

S. R. Mallery - War, Spies and Romance

S.R. Mallery has always had a passion for history and love for Romeo and Juliet-type of romances where people from different walks of life fall in love. Her book, Genteel Secrets, is a beautiful combination of both, where a Confederate spy falls in love with a Pinkerton detective during the American Civil War. As our Author of the Day, Mallery talks about her research into female spy rings during the war, class differences and gives us a peek into her writing process.

Lara Reznik - Memoir Meets Thriller

One day, while looking back on her full and interesting life, Lara Reznik asked herself: "what if some dark secret from the 1960s came back to haunt me now?" This inspired her to start writing The Girl from Long Guyland, which ended up becoming an Amazon bestseller multiple times. As our Author of the Day, Reznik reveals how much of her own life she weaved into the book, talks about being a baby boomer and how writing a thriller is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

D.C. Alexander - Gripping Thrillers With a Psychological Edge

When D.C. Alexander is not writing #1 Amazon Kindle bestsellers like The Legend of Devil's Creek, he enjoys spending time in a small cabin in Aravaipa Canyon, Arizona. Alexander's books are known to be dark, mysterious and very thought provoking. As our Author of the Day, we chat with Alexander about downhill skiing, darkness as an universal force and get a peek into what it takes to write edge-of-the-seat thrillers.

Kat Cantrell - All Good Fiction is Based Upon Real Emotions

When she isn't spending time with the love of her life, dancing with her kids to Duran Duran or watching a soccer game you will probably find Kat Cantrell busy writing another bestselling romance novel. With over 30 published books, Cantrell is a very popular author (although she still refuses to call herself that). Her secret to success? Making her readers think "there is NO WAY things are ever going to work out between these two!". As our Author of the Day, Cantrell reveals the inspiration behind her heroes, talks about her career as an author and why she thinks men in uniform are so popular.

Maria Romana - Fascinated by Savants

Maria Romana has always been fascinated by the existence of savants, people born with amazing natural abilities. This, along with her love for romantic suspense, sci-fi, adventure and mystery, inspired her to start writing The Gifted Ones. As our Author of the Day, Romana talks about the series, why she doesn't like cheerleaders and perfect heroines and how being a nerdy girl has helped her in life.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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