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Jennifer Theriot - Love Stories for Middle-Aged Women

After her friends dared her to write a love story for middle aged women, Jennifer Theriot wrote Out of the Box Awakening. Little did she know that this book would take off, win five star awards and result in a 3-book series. Today, we chat with Jennifer about how she wrote her own feelings into the story, why she writes for middle-aged people and how her characters don't always cooperate the way they were supposed to.

Susan Joyce - Dreams, Adventure and History in the Making

Susan Joyce has had a full life, with many adventures and feels that she has always been guided by her dreams. In Good Morning Diego Garcia, she writes about both - how what she was hoping to become a dream holiday turned into a nightmare and how she was a witness to history in the making. As our author of the day, Joyce chats about her voyage across the Indian Ocean, how she saw historical events unfold and how she was able to describe her adventure from years ago in such detail.

Gary Schwartz - Being The Best Average Person in The World

In his career in acting, TV and even the video game industry, Gary Schwartz has given expression to his art in different ways: silently (as a mime), voice only (as a voice actor) and now through the written word. In his latest book, The King of Average, Schwartz aims to entertain but also help his readers to discover their self worth. As our author of the day, Schwartz reveals how he came up with the idea for The King of Average when he was only 11 years old, how he gives his characters a voice and why he loves writing stories for children.

Pawan Mishra - Different Perspective on Office Work

Pawan Mishra possesses not only the ability to see the humor in most situations, but also has a very interesting perspective on life, as is evident in his widely acclaimed debut novel, Coinman. Inspired by the small town in India where he grew up and observing the oddities of office politics, Mishra wrote this parody, which immediately became a multi-awardwinning book. As our author of the day, Mishra talks about his childhood, how he created Coinman and expresses some of his views on office culture.

Michele PW - Everything is Not as it Seems

Michele Pariza Wacek is an author who enjoys leaving the reader with the feeling that "everything is not as it seems." Her second novel, Mirror Image, is no exception, where even the main character doesn't know whether she is the killer or not. As our author of the day, Pariza Wacek reveals how whe uses dreams, memories and an unreliable narrator to create this creepy atmosphere that keeps readers at the edge of their seats.

Abigail Owen - Love, Shifters and Alpha Males

Abigail Owen calls herself a Jill-of-all-trades. When she isn't writing wonderful paranormal romance novels about shifters and other creatures, you may find her doing web design, graphic design, technical writing or business analysis. As our author of the day, we chat with Owen about shifters, how she watches Youtube videos to write certain scenes and how she juggles multiple writing projects at a time.

Greg Levin - Dark Comedy With a Sick Twist

When Greg Levin isn't suffering domestic abuse by his wife, daughter or the two cats who own the house, he writes award-winning dark comedic fiction (which may or may not appear on TV sometime). In this interview, Levin reveals why he turned terminally ill characters into vigilantes in his novel, Sick to Death, confides in us about his chronic hip-hopilepsy and doesn't talk too much about his first novel.

Justin Gesso - Rocket Fuel for a Better Life

After getting out of his comfort zone and quitting his six figure job, Justin Gesso managed to not only double what he used to earn, but also had more time for his family, life and side projects. In his book, Leave the Grind Behind, Gesso shares his secret to success in actionable steps to show readers how to stop being a cog, work with a plan and establish multiple sources of income. As our author of the day, Gesso talks about why he quit his job, how his book is different from other self-help books and how to discover whether you are a cog or a grinder.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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