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Petie McCarty - Tales of Love and Hidden Angels

Author Petie McCarty traded her day job as a biologist at Walt Disney World for the equally magical career of writing her own romantic fairy tales. Today we talk to her about Angel to the Rescue, which is part of her Mystery Angel Romance series. She tells us about how her work at Disney World inspired her, the challenge of writing about difficult real-life issues and what it is about angels that fascinates her.

Tuesday Embers - Believing In Honest Endings

Author Tuesday Embers is one busy writer. In addition to her romance novels, she also writes fantasy fiction under the pen name Mary E. Twomey. Her diverse writing skills even extend to Filipino folklore and between the two pen names, she has published 19 books to date. Today we talk to her about the challenges of writing good characters, dealing with reviews and what she enjoys reading herself.

Eva Flynn - An Extraordinary Tale of An Unsung Heroine

Author Eva Flynn has a lot of experience as a non-fiction writer, so it is no surprise that her fiction title, The Renegade Queen, is also steeped in historical accuracy. The book tells the tale of Victoria Woodhull, a woman who, despite accomplishing so much in her time, was all but erased from history. Today we talk to Eva about why Victoria Woodhull was such a controversial figure for her time, why she chose to write a fictionalized account of Victoria’s life and the fascinating facts she uncovered during her research.

Lori Robinett - Writing Romance That is Real

Lori Robinett excels at writing women’s fiction with just the right amount of romance and suspense, that is if her Beagle, Peanut, isn’t distracting her. Today we talk to her about her book, Diamond in the Rough, which is also available as a special edition with bonus content. She also tells us about why cowboys are such great romantic leads, her approach to writing and how her characters don’t always follow the plans she had for them.

Dakota Kemp - History Buff With A Love For Sci Fi And Fantasy

Author Dakota Kemp has a knack for crafting intricate and fascinating worlds for his novels and his Steampunk epic, Ironheart, is no exception. It was born from his fascination with England’s Victorian Era, but of course he couldn’t resist working with the science-fictionalized version of the period. Today we talk to Dakota about his characters, why stories are an integral part of life and what he has in store next for readers.

Susan Joyce - Living Life to the Fullest

Susan Joyce is an exceptional woman and creative author whose life story reads like riveting fiction. She has done it all - travelled the world, lived in several countries, experienced a war up close and personal and lived to tell her story. Today, Joyce chats with us about culture shocks, how she discovered after nine years of marriage that her husband wasn't who he pretended to be and how dreams serve her in life.

Greg Juhn - Technology And Dark Humor

Greg Juhn loves technology, but is also well aware of the scary new problems it can create. He used his extensive knowledge about the subject, along with his fondness for dark satire to write The Perfect. The novel was almost two years in the making, but gives readers plenty to mull over. Today we talk to Greg about his personal thoughts on technological breakthroughs, the challenges in store for robotics and why he thinks authors have a lot to fear from robotic writers in the future.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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