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The Horse's Mouth
Showing the age by the teeth
by Edward Mayhew
A Book of Burlesque
Sketches of English Stage Travestie and Parody
by William Davenport Adams
'Boy Wanted'
A Book of Cheerful Counsel
by Nixon Waterman


New Englands Prospect
A true, lively, and experimentall description of that part of America, commonly called New England: discovering the state of that Countrie, both as it stands to our new-come English Planters; and to the old Native Inhabitants
by William Charles Henry Wood
Zwei Jahre in New-York
Schilderung einer Seereise von Havre nach New-York und Charakteristik des New-Yorker politischen und socialen Lebens
by Christoph Vetter


Motor Matt's
or, The Governor's Courier
by Stanley R. Matthews




The Book-lover
A Guide to the Best Reading
by James Baldwin


A Soldier's Experience
A Voice from the Ranks
by Timothy Gowing

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