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Alien Cradle

by Jeff Inlo

It's an intiguing premise - creating aliens to fulfill our need for, well, aliens.

Overall, this was a good-not-great space adventure story with a few blind alleys, some loose ends and a bit of inexplicable behavior on the part of the "aliens," especially towards the end.

The flaws, however, are relatively easily overlooked and I'd give the author some extra points for moral ambiguity and raising the question of who is more human -- the humans or the people they created.

Definitely worth reading.

Reviewed on 2009.12.15

Freedom Incorporated

by Peter Tylee

I just finished reading this book and immediately went searching for more fiction by this author. Unfortunately, I didn't find any.

I am a big fan of dystopian-future literature and disagree with just about everything the previous reviewer wrote.

I will agree that the book would benefit from a solid edit. There are quite a few typos.

I also agree that some of the main villains of the piece make some stupid moves. But it didn't require a great suspension of disbelief to accept that ruthlessness could trump intelligence in a corporate-controlled culture and that scum could rise to the top of the swamp -- that happens often enough in real life.

Overall, I found the quality to be as good as or better than most of what's commercially available today in this genre of fiction.

It worked for me on two levels, as an action story and as a warning of what could happen if people let convenience in commerce mutate into surveillance and control of their lives.

I think there's an app for that.

Reviewed on 2009.12.10

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