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by Bram Stoker

First read it when I was 15 and it froze me in terror. Then came Christopher Lee's excellent scary film. Then on I have read the book many times and love getting disturbed every time. Set at Victorian period with the old England language, the book still fascinates me.

Reviewed on 2014.11.01

The House from Nowhere

by Arthur G. Stangland

A family from 1940's decide to travel in to the future and land in a time a 100 yrs later. How could they do it is a big question. They make an impression on a dead and decadent society of the time. Very abrupt ending with little or no plot.

Reviewed on 2014.10.06

The Coral Island

by R.M. Ballantyne

One of my favourite books when in school. I read it many times after that. Now I own a copy and still reading it. The book is sure to bring in a spirit of adventure in young people.

Reviewed on 2014.09.29

The Mysterious Island

by Jules Verne

Henry Ratliff's excellent review is more interesting than the book.

Reviewed on 2014.06.18

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