Reviews by Vernita

Behind the Scenes

by Elizabeth Keckley

I am very grateful for this accurate account of what happened to Mrs. Lincoln showing real letters between her and E. Keckley. E. Keckley wrote a very feeling opening and closing to this book.

Reviewed on 2014.02.10

Lisbeth Longfrock

by Hans Aanrud

Such a peaceful and serene read.

Reviewed on 2014.02.09

Rosalind at Red Gate

by Meredith Nicholson

Neat little mystery with Mr. Donovan from The House of a Thousand Candles. I noticed a similar plot line through the first 3 books but he writing style keeps you curious and wanting to read on.

Reviewed on 2014.02.03

Tess of the d'Urbervilles

by Thomas Hardy

I kept delaying to finish this book because I was reading all the reviews about it being depressing and a bad ending, but finally I pushed myself to finish the book and I am so glad I did. I actually think the ending is so beautiful. Hardy created such a good, unselfish soul in this woman she sacrificed her life for others till the end, her pride and (I can do it myself) independence got in the way of getting the help she needed but I can relate to who she was. And I have great respect and honor for the incredible woman she was. Hardy also showed how when we lack self-worth we think negatively which avalanches to bad choices.

Reviewed on 2014.02.03

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