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Reviews by disturbed_vance

The Red Badge of Courage

by Stephen Crane

This novel might be considered as one of the best novel of the dawning twenty first century. Crane, though had never smelled the civil war, was able to account in full details the feeling of a recruit excited to fight in the war.

as novel progressed, the protagonist, Fleming, who was a newbie experienced a lot of mix feelings. he had felt fear when he saw a dead man leaning against a tree. he saw his comrades falling as the shots of guns progressed, and he once retreated and ran away from the battle. yet, his heart was on proving his valor and courage that he once found himself again on the battleground - advancing, moving and fighting courageously the enemies.

likewise with his superb story telling ability, for me, Crane was not the new Tolstoy. in fact, he is even greater than him.

Reviewed on 2009.01.26

Noli Me Tangere

by José Rizal

this book is really one of the best books that is being cherished and studied by Filipinos including me. I like the way Jose Rizal presents the status quo of the Philippines during the Spanish colonization era.He expose the crazy activities of the colonizers including the priest!He presents that the invaders have more lands than the natives. He shows on how the officers collect excessive taxes and free services.
He experienced this hardships personally, of being maltreated by the invaders in his own country and in front of his fellow Filipinos. This is the novel that awakened the sleeping desire of the Filipinos and persuaded them to revolt against the invaders. And the novel was effective!The purpose was achieved , eventhough it was banned by the Spaniards in the Philippines, there are volumes that are shipped and distributed to our fellow countrymen and it persuaded them to took arms and fight. In this way, the Filipinos became united and they succeeded in driving off the Spaniards!
A novel that hates imperialism! Very Brilliant!

Reviewed on 2007.05.26

Robinson Crusoe

by Daniel Defoe

The story of Robinson Crusoe shows on how a man was able to continue to exist on an island unaccompanied with just only some stuff. It is also a story that discusses on how the protagonist combats the problems and found elucidations for them. It also shows about the transformation of the protagonist who come from a very entropic life to be converted into a very pious individual. What we could pick from the novel is that young people should pursue things that are feasible and are aren’t against their will so that they won’t contemplate or said to their self, “ if I only listen to.......”

Reviewed on 2007.03.20

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