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Reviews by taucan62

The Woman in White

by Wilkie Collins

Excellent prose not withstanding, the book was infinitely longer than it needed to be, with some parts staggeringly boring. Collins also attempts to subvert our imagination by being overly descriptive about the most mundane subjects, yet becoming very vague with others. Add to that the convolution of what was already an uninteresting plot, and you have the makings of, at best, a mediocre story. My understanding is that this story was serialized at the time of its release. That may have altered my perception of the overall story.

As for some of the characters-I'm not that familiar with the customs of the Brits during that time period, but the first part of the book seemed to have an undercurrent of lesbianism between Marian and Laura. Maybe it was customary of loving sisters at the time, but their touchy, feely, lip-locky behavior would likely be seen differently today. Not making any criticisms on that front; it was probably all that Collins could get away with in 1850. It also seemed that Laura was perhaps as feeble minded as Anne, just less noticeable, given her very different upbringing. Ultimately, she knew she had to marry a man though, as society required, but Marian would always be there-always.

One last thing: Did Walt ever go back to court on that assault thing? Again, such a convoluted story maybe I missed that.

Reviewed on 2017.07.20

The Monster Men

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

I would have suggested an alternate ending to ERB if I could have. He WAS a monster, they get married, have a kid and it comes out looking like number 10. Try and live that one down doc.

Reviewed on 2017.07.16

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Loved it, however, after initially bringing up Holmes' vices, it never factored into any of the cases. Would have been an interesting twist.

Reviewed on 2017.07.16

The Diary of a U-boat Commander

by Stephen King-Hall

Not a diary, but entertaining nonetheless. A love story with some U-Boat action thrown in to keep the pages turning. And it works.

Reviewed on 2017.07.16

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