The Siksha-Patri of the Swami-Narayana Sect

Author: Anonymous
Published: 1882
Language: English
Wordcount: 8,254 / 33 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68.2
LoC Category: BL
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Genre: Religion
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Translated by Monier Williams

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ated (manu = mantra).

57. Next (in order to the performance of brahma-yaj"na) the hymn celebrating the praises of should be recited according to ability, and those that have not studied Sansk.rit should at least repeat his name.

58. All who have devoted themselves (in this way) to the worship of, should next present an offering (of cooked food) to him, and then they should eat the remains of the offering (prâsâdikam). They should at all times be full of joy.

59. Since they are called the passionless ( worshippers of the passionless, therefore, in consequence of that, all their acts are also (called) passionless (

60. By these devoted (worshippers) indeed no water should be drunk, nor should any leaves, roots or fruits anywhere be eaten which have not been presented to

61. All those who from old age or some grievous calamity are unable (to perform worship) shou

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