Christianity and Islam

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Author: C.H. Becker
Published: 1909
Language: English
Wordcount: 18,508 / 63 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 50.6
LoC Categories: BL, BP, BR
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Genre: Religion

t lots before God and explained His will in mysterious rhythmical utterances. Muhammed was at first more intimately connected with this class of Arab fortune-tellers than is usually supposed. The best proof of the fact is the vehemence with which he repudiates all comparison between these fortune-tellers and himself, even as early Christian apologetics and polemics attacked the rival cults of the later classical world, which possessed forms of ritual akin to those observed by Christianity. The existence of a fortune-telling class among the Arabs shows that Muhammed may well have been endowed with psychological tendencies which only awaited the vivifying influence of Judaism and Christianity to emerge as the prophetic impulse forcing him to stand forth in public and to stir the people from their indifference: "Be ye converted, for the day of judgment is at hand: God has declared it unto me, as he declared it unto Moses and Jesus. I am the apostle of God to you, Arabs. Salvation is yours only if ye submit to th


Average Rating of 2.2 from 5 reviews: ***

I read the book. As some of the reviewrs had stated, the book does not read like unresearched. I have also read the Bible and the Koran. The author is giving some plain facts based on these books. When follwers of Christ can be called Christians there was nothing unusual to call the followers of Mohammed as Mohammedans. In fact this was the archaic word for thr muslims. The book gives a clear picture of the situations when Islam was born. Read it with an open mind.


A total symbol of ignorance of Becker. I wonder, how is this book in
It is a radical and false book, based on the jealousy and misinterpretation by the author.
There is no such thing named "Mohammedanism". If Muslims reply with saying Christians as "Paulists", how will christians feel?
* The author of this book failed to give any reference for the false words he added for Islam and Mohammad. It is a radical book that can create anger in the hearts of Muslims and even Non-Muslim Truthfuls'.


just from this sentence: Be ye converted, for the day of judgment is at hand
i know that the writer had not researched his writing, probably only hearing from others.
but seeing it it is written in 1909 it is understandable since almost no balance point of view (both from islam scholar or non islam scholar) was made that day, only lately has writer put more scientific approach to writing about religion.
so if you want to read about fact based writing look in >1980 book written by secular writer, atleast from their book you wont see any mysticism mumbo jumbo, only fact.


this is one of the most rubbish things i ever read

the author clearly has not done his research and is mostly talking crap

sorry 'bout my language, i really think no one should waste his/her time reading it

my friend who is a lawyer read this book and was just laughing on how misinformed the author is

Bajram Pireva

A very unbiased account of the similarities and influence of two major religions.

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