The Tattva-Muktavali

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particular objects.

35. The perception of the conventional meaning of words is aroused by the dialogue of the orderer and the ordered; and afterwards by insertion and omission the child becomes thoroughly skilled in the use of the words. [Footnote: Cf. Sā, ii. "On the old man's saying, when giving directions to the middle-aged man," etc. The Sāhitya D. uses the terms __āvāpoddhārau__, the Siddhāntamuktāvalī (p. 80) uses __āvāpodvāpan__].

36. So through hearing the words of the teacher and repeated study of the šāstras the conventional meaning of such words as Brahman, etc., is assuredly produced in the pupil.

37. This earth must surely have had a maker; for its having the nature of an effect is a sign, just as we see to be the case in pots, etc.

38. If it is established that the supreme Lord is the maker, then his having a body follows as a matter of course [Footnote: This is one of the tenets of Rāmānujas as well as Pūr.naprajńas.]; for in all effects, as pots and the like, the make

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