Illustration of the Method of Recording Indian Languages

From the First Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution

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with A. S. Gatschet and S. R. Riggs

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him (-remedy)

gug. | Tchi| h'k|kltchitchiks| y-uka;| ub-us | hk |kltchitchiksam cure. | Then | the | spider | treats |a piece of| | of the spider him; deer-skin

tchut[)e]n[=o]'tkish.|Tsi| hkantka|ub-ustka|tchut;|ttktak | huk 6 (is) the curing-tool.|Then| by means|deer-skin| he |just the | that of that treats |size of (him); the spot

klak |m[=a]'sha,| g'tak| ub-ush|kt'shka| t'tak |huk|m[=a]'sha.|Tsi|hk relapse| is |so much|of deer-| he cuts|as where| he| is |Then| infected, skin out suffering.

kltchitchiks| siunta |n'ds[k=]ank| h'nk| ub-nsh. |Tch'yuk| p'lata the "spider" |is started| while | that |skin piece.| And he | over it song applying

ntatka | sktash, |tsi | sha|h'nk|ud'pka| hn'shishtka,| tsi |h'k 9

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