Washo Religion

Author: James F. Downs
Published: 1960
Language: English
Wordcount: 23,510 / 75 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.6
LoC Categories: GN, BL
Downloads: 272
Added to site: 2010.02.28
mnybks.net#: 26811
Origin: gutenberg.org
Genre: Religion

ens used to sit on a platform of logs and weave baskets there [special baskets for the Water Babies, apparently, such as the one used as offering in the story above]. One time I took another fella like you [anthropologist] up there but when we got there we couldn't find nothing but sand with a little water bubbling up in the middle. He wouldn't believe me. I showed him where them womens had sat but I think he thought I was lying. I guess them Water Babies did something."

3. "There is this women called Frances. She was up at Blue Lake with her husband following him along the edge of the lake. It was kind of dark. She saw them little footprints right on top of her husband's in the sand."

4. "I'll tell you what happened to me right in this house about two years ago. I was in bed in that room there and I felt these little hands creeping under the covers. I brushed 'em away but they just come back. They tried to feel me down here [indicating his genitalia]. I yelled for my mother and she come in and

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