Monism as Connecting Religion and Science

A Man of Science

Author: Ernst Haeckel
Published: 1892
Language: English
Wordcount: 16,543 / 59 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 17.9
LoC Category: BL
Downloads: 1,363 3093
Genre: Religion

Translated by J. Gilchrist.

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whatever seems to vanish or to come anew into play, this is only due to the transformation of one form of energy into another. In the same way Lavoisier's law of the "conservation of matter" shows us that the material of the cosmos is a constant unchangeable magnitude; if any body seems to vanish (as, for example, by burning), or to come anew into being (as, for example, by crystallisation), this also is simply due to change of form or of combination. Both these great laws--in physics, the fundamental law of the conservation of energy, and in chemistry, of the conservation of matter--may be brought under one philosophical conception as the law of the conservation of substance; for, according to our monistic conception, energy and matter are inseparable, being only different inalienable manifestations of one single universal being-substance.[7] In a certain sense we can regard the conception of "animated atoms" as essentially partaking of the nature of this pure monism--a very ancient idea which more than two

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