The White Queen of Okoyong

A True Story of Adventure Heroism and Faith

Published: 1917
Language: English
Wordcount: 50,388 / 142 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.9
LoC Category: PZ
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Afraid to cross a field because there was a cow in it! What a coward she must have been! Oh, no, she wasn't! Look at her again, in the heart of the African jungle, after a journey by canoe and on foot through dripping underbrush, in such inky darkness that she stumbled and fell again and again, while the screams of night birds and the cries of wild animals were heard on all sides. Why was she there, do you wonder? Because she longed to help the ignorant savages who were living there in ignorance and wickedness and superstition, and she felt that God had called her to live among them. In Scotland she was afraid of a cow, but in Africa she was not afraid of anything. Here is a heroine whose bravery any boy or girl may be proud to imitate óMary Slessor of Calabar, known to the natives as the White Queen of Okoyong.

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black that it was like night when there are no stars in the sky. Mrs. Slessor and Mary had a big burden to bear and a grim battle to fight. In their distress they clung to one another, and prayed to Jesus for help and strength, for they, of themselves, could do little. On Saturday nights Mr. Slessor came home late, and treated them unkindly, so that Mary was often forced to go out into the cold streets and wait until he had gone to sleep. As she wandered about she felt very lonely and very miserable, and sometimes sobbed as if her heart would break. When she passed the bright windows of the places where drink was sold, she wondered why people were allowed to ruin men and women in such a way, and she clenched her hands and resolved that when she grew up she would war against this terrible thing which destroyed the peace and happiness of homes.

But at last the trouble came to an end. One tragic day Mary stood and looked down with a great awe upon the face of her father lying white and still in death.

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