The Gospel of the Hereafter

Published: 1910
Language: English
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dantly clear that "I" am a mysterious unchanging spiritual being behind this ever changing brain.

And that is what the best modern science asserts--that the brain is but my instrument. If we compare it to a violin then "I" am the unseen violin player behind it. The musician cannot produce violin music without a violin, but also the violin cannot produce a musical note, much less take part in a complex symphony without the musician behind it. If the strings of the violin be injured, or if they be smeared with grease, the result is discords and crazy sounds. If the brain be physically injured or disordered the result is what we call mental derangement.

To say, then, that the brain is the seat of thought is not at all to say that it is the source of thought. Everything involved in my conscious personality is related to the brain, but it is not originated by the brain. The mysterious spiritual "I" is behind the brain, using the brain--nay further--actually educati


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Mel Morgan

This book is truly ispirational and goes a very long way to dispelling one's fears of death with its vivid description of what the author refers to as the near hereafter. I've also read by the same author 'The Peoples Life of Christ' which brings JESUS alive to the reader and is just as inspirational. Paterson-Smythe was surely touched by God. I've just come across another book by him called 'How God inspired the Bible' which I can't wait to read. Church clergy would do well to study this author's works for a wake up call. They could also be used for Bible study groups.

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