Pope Adrian IV

An Historical Sketch

Author: Richard Raby
Published: 1849
Language: English
Wordcount: 24,618 / 78 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 29.9
LoC Categories: BL, CT
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Genres: Religion, Biography

st champion, Abailard. But it was also the era of a wide-spread demoralization of the clergy, among whom simony and concubinage were the order of the day; and, consequently, every other disorder which naturally follows in the wake of those two capital vices. In the midst of such a complicated state of things, requiring so much steadiness of eye to view it properly, so as not to be misled,--on the one hand by a false admiration, and on the other by a false disgust,--the youth Arnold devoured the pages of Livy; and imbibed from him, as well as from other Roman classics, those principles of heathen republicanism, which he subsequently sought to restore to practice, in the metropolis of Christendom, with such fatal results to society and himself.

On the completion of his studies at home, he repaired, thirsting for deeper draughts of knowledge, to Paris; and became one of the most devoted scholars of Abailard; whose rationalist invasions of the domain of theological doctrine,--by which the supreme authority

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