Two Addresses

One to the Gentlemen of Whitby and the other, to the Protestant Clergy

Author: Nicholas Rigby
Published: 1851
Language: English
Wordcount: 47,098 / 150 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 54.9
Downloads: 186
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Genre: Religion

Two addresses with a foreword by the priest of the Catholic Chapel House, Ugthorp, near Whitby.

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to every understanding, bear ample testimony to the zeal, and activity of those, who assume the lead in this anti-catholic crusade. We are doomed to hear daily, our religion traduced, our spiritual but illustrious Head, bespattered with the most vile abuse, our civil liberty menaced, our Clergy threatened with pains, and penalties, our most sacred rites most contumaciously designated by the first minister of the Crown as mummeries, and the Lord High Chancellor vaunting his readiness to trample, on the mitres of our bishops. Gentlemen, I think it cannot be expected that we Catholics, should remain silent, and humble our heads before this whirlwind of Protestant intolerance, and that, imitating the stupidity of the Ostrich, we should endeavour to escape our hunters, by concealing our heads. But, gentlemen, you may perhaps ask, why did you not attend our public meeting? I reply, I did not hear of your meeting until a day after it had been held, but if I had heard of it before, I should

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