The Ego and his Own

(Der Einzige und Sein Eigentum)

Author: Max Stirner
Published: 1844
Language: English
Wordcount: 141,806 / 397 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 53.5
LoC Categories: B, BF
Downloads: 2,861
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Genre: Philosophy

is an ego, but how all-important it is that one be a self-conscious ego, -- a self-conscious, self-willed person.

Those not self-conscious and self-willed are constantly acting from self-interested motives, but clothing these in various garbs. Watch those people closely in the light of Stirner's teaching, and they seem to be hypocrites, they have so many good moral and religious plans of which self-interest is at the end and bottom; but they, we may believe, do not know that this is more than a coincidence.

In Stirner we have the philosophical foundation for political liberty. His interest in the practical development of egoism to the dissolution of the State and the union of free men is clear and pronounced, and harmonizes perfectly with the economic philosophy of Josiah Warren. Allowing for difference of temperament and language, there is a substantial agreement between Stirner and Proudhon. Each would be free, and sees in every increase of the number of free people and their intelligence an a


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The first edition was published in 1844, in German. The first English translation appeared in 1907. It has not been out of print since 1893 and has been translated into 8 languages. A classic work, the first to take on Karl Marx (and Marx hated it... see his GERMAN IDEOLOGY). A must read for all individualists. A new Dutch translation (the second) will appear in 2009.

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