'Indiscretions' of Lady Susan

Published: 1922
Language: English
Wordcount: 85,141 / 240 pg
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A well-known diplomat's wife tells what she has seen and heard and experienced on three continents. Altogether delightful is what she tells of the great ones of the world, from the Empress Dowager of China to Theodore Roosevelt, from the Pope to the Kaiser.

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ly looked upon as its future queen.

My grandfather remembered quite well the trial of Queen Caroline of Brunswick, whom George IV tried to divorce in 1820 by Act of Parliament. Indeed, he was an eye- and ear-witness of all that passed in that celebrated case, for he was at the time equerry to the Duke of Sussex, who, though excused from attendance on the plea of his consanguinity to both parties, yet was desirous of hearing the earliest news possible of all that passed, and so kept young Keppel travelling backwards and forwards between Tunbridge Wells and London.

The Queen's coming to the House of Lords on the opening day of the trial was heralded by a confused sound of drums and trumpets. She was received at the threshold by Black Rod. The Peers rose as she entered and took her seat facing the Counsel on a chair of crimson and gilt. Her appearance was not prepossessing, as she was dressed all in black, with a high ruff round her neck, and on her head a bonnet surmounted by a huge bunch of noddi


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me gusta


Read about 3/4 so far, enjoyable as description of aristocratic/diplomatic life in early 20th century. Not much detail, a certain level of understanding of "how things are done" is presumed.

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