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Swiss Family Robinson

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Published: 1849
Language: English
Wordcount: 127,245 / 358 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.8
LoC Category: PN
Downloads: 15,671 7630
License: ©

This edition (c)2000 by Pink Tree Press

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r followed, and then another, as I contrived to find my footing. The ship was shattered on all directions, and on one side there was a large hole in the hull.

Forgetting the passengers, the ship's company crowded into the lifeboats, and the last who entered cut the davit ropes to cast each boat into the sea.

What was my horror when through the foam and spray I beheld the last remaining boat leave the ship, the last of the seamen spring into her and push off, regardless of my cries and entreaties that we might be allowed to share their slender chance of preserving their lives. My voice was drowned in the howling of the blast, and even had the crew wished it, the return of the boat was impossible, for the waves were mountain-high.

Casting my eyes despairingly around, I became gradually aware that our position was by no means hopeless, inasmuch as the stern of the ship containing our cabin was jammed between two high rocks, and was partly raised from among the breakers which dashed the fore-part to piec

Reader Reviews

Average Rating of 4 from 22 reviews: ****

I read this book when I was in high school and I liked it a lot. A must read for any bookworm.


I loved this book so much that I gave my hard copy to my brothers and sisters who are still quite young. My father read it to them and they all enjoyed it.

It depends on the child though, if your child has a very short attention span or you don't like having to get the dictionary out for some of the archaic language, then this book may not be a good idea. For the rest of the kids, it is a good read that allows them to think of not only what it would be to live a life of isolation, but a life of void of technology and what would have been expected of children in that situation.

I loved this book so much that I am going to read it again :D


Even though I hardly read books, this was an awesome book and I could'nt put it down.


Honestly? I'm young, and quite interested in books. For your information, to every person that implies that just because we did not enjoy the book, you're wrong. First of all, there are many books out there, WAY BETTER, that you might not like. It doesn't make you a sucker, but any who, it's a decent book. It has it's boring, and interesting times, not the best, but can be entertaining. But if you feel like keep blabbing of how people should get a life by reading this book - shut up.

Raine Rader

The Swiss Family Robinson is a novel about a family that is shipwrecked on an island, and cut off from society. It\'s a tale of adversity and adventure, love and adaptation, strength and survival. There is something for everyone in this book, regardless of age, interests, back-ground or education. At the heart of the matter, survival and strength are learned by nearly all of us (through many different circumstances) as we wind our way through life. This book shows us one of the many ways life can do a total 180.


First I would like to say I used to read this story multiple times when I was a child and still like to read it from time to time. And for the record my major in college is computer science so i'm a computer geek and I love games and Facebook. However I have read at a college level since middle school and I love to read. Remember people that stereotyping others makes you look like an idiot and it can easily offend people.


i find it hurtfull to read coments saying that facebookers dont read and that they have no aim in life. i myself am on facebook and i love reading. i read swiss family robinson when i was 8 and i loved it. and i still do now. i have read each of the harry potter books at least 5 times and more for lord of the rings the similarion and the hobbit. i have read the young trailer sedries and hundreds of other books. i love fantasy mostly but still love othertypes. i dont see why you can critisise face bookers when you dont know even a 100th of the total mass of face bookers. i am 12 currently so not legely allowed to be on face book but that dosent mean i dont have a life! so please dont critise people that you dont know.


i would like to read and listen this story.


The narrative in this book is very descriptive, and the narrative brings back the warm cozy feeling of someone reading a story to you. The family are quite amazing, and the story is very realistic. This story casts a spell over you as you read, and if you cannot read it you should try to get an audio version. Leave watching the movies as a very last resort, as the magic is diminished leaving a barely watchable old movie...

Some people might be bored with this. The language is intricate, and only suitable for people who learned some English in school. For people who cannot imagine a meaning for words like 'reproached' then I think perhaps choose from the library section for children aged 6-9. As with studies of people playing facebook games shows, the brain works hard for the first few seconds, and then ticks over barely staying awake - such are the skills of most of the current generation. I read this book when I was 11 years old, and never forgot it.


It was sad to read the comments of people for whom this book is not intended. Computer geeks, game addicts, drug addicts and people with no aim in life will not understand this book. The book had been, over decades, making young people in to honest and self reliant citizens. A must read for young boys and girls. Encourage your children to read it.


I was given an old copy of this at age 8 by a teacher who knew I loved to read. I tried, but I just didn't like the story. I remember I had to look up and so learned the meaning of word "reproach" because Father was always reproaching Fritz. Just about every time he talked to Fritz, it was, "I reproached Fritz." A book with so much reproaching going on just turned me off.


this book is boring i fell asleep on the first page


This was one of my favorite books as a kid. The problem is that kids don\'t use their imagination anymore.


This one of the greatest books I have ever read. How a famliy survives and builds a new life is simply a great adventure. I simply doubt the mental levels of the people finding this boring.


One of the greatest children's books ever! A cracking adventure.


are you kidding me? this was my favorite book when i was a kid and i am about to read it again. what are we doing to our children these days! We are destroying their brains with all this tv, video games etc etc. this is definitely not too slow for children, and if it is too slow for your child then I would seriously examine how you are developing (or destroying)your childs brain and mind!




too slow for children? tchnically im a child and i couldnt put it down. thats the problem with kids today, all they want is graphic video games and parents just sit and let them get that way.

Orion Jones

ok but real slow.

Frena Hokans

This is a wonderful book for adults & children! I read it many times as a child and just reread it at age 50, and I still love it just as much! I highly recommend this entertaining and instructional read for everyone!! This version has some notes which point out inconsisties and factual errors by the author, which are entertaining in themselves!


Boring and not very realistic. Too simplistic for adults, but too slow-moving for children.

David Ellison

Still a classic!



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