Horatio Alger Jr.

Life: 1832-1899

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Adrift in New York
Tom and Florence Braving the World, [en] 1900

Andy Grant's Pluck, [en] 1902

Ballads, [en] 1875

Ben's Nugget
A Boy's Search For Fortune, [en] 1882

Ben, the Luggage Boy
or, Among the Wharves, [en] 1876

Bound to Rise
Or, Up the Ladder, [en] 1873

Bound to Rise
or, Up the Ladder, [en] 1873

Brave and Bold
The Fortunes of Robert Rushton, [en] 1874

The Cash Boy, [en] 1887

Cast Upon the Breakers, [en] 1874

Chester Rand
or The New Path to Fortune, [en]

Do and Dare
A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune, [en] 1884

Driven from Home
or Carl Crawford's Experience, [en]

The Erie Train Boy, [en] 1891

The Errand Boy
or, How Phil Brent Won Success, [en] 1888

Facing the World
or, The Haps and Mishaps of Harry Vane, [en] 1893

Fame and Fortune
or, The Progress of Richard Hunter, [en] 1868

Five Hundred Dollars
or, Jacob Marlowe's Secret, [en]

Frank and Fearless
or The Fortunes of Jasper Kent, [en] 1897

Frank's Campaign
or, The Farm and the Camp, [en] 1864

From Canal Boy to President
Or the Boyhood and Manhood of James A. Garfield, [en] 1881

From Farm to Fortune
or Nat Nason's Strange Experience, [en] 1905

Grand'ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving with Other Ballads and Poems, [en] 1875

Hector's Inheritance
or, The Boys of Smith Institute, [en] 1885

Helping Himself
or, Grant Thornton's Ambition, [en] 1886

Herbert Carter's Legacy
or, The Inventor's Son, [en] 1875

In A New World
or, Among The Gold Fields Of Australia, [en] 1893

Jack's Ward, [en] 1910

Joe The Hotel Boy
or, Winning Out By Pluck, [en] 1906

Joe's Luck
Always Wide Awake, [en] 1913

Luke Walton
or, The Chicago Newsboy, [en] 1889

Making His Way
Frank Courtney's Struggle Upward, [en]

Mark Mason's Victory
The Trials and Triumphs of a Telegraph Boy, [en] 1899

Mark Mason's Victory
The Trials and Triumphs of a Telegraph Boy, [en] 1899

Nothing to Eat, [en] 1857

Only an Irish Boy
Andy Burke's Fortunes, [en] 1894

Paul Prescott's Charge
A Story For Boys, [en] 1865

Paul the Peddler
or, The Adventures of a Young Street Merchant, [en] 1871

Phil the Fiddler
or, The Story of a Young Street Musician, [en] 1872

Ragged Dick
Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blacks., [en] 1868

Randy of the River
The Adventures of a Young Deckhand, [en] 1906

Risen from the Ranks
Harry Walton's Success, [en] 1874

Robert Coverdale's Struggle
Or, On The Wave Of Success, [en] 1910

Rufus and Rose
The Fortunes of Rough and Ready, [en] 1870

Sam's Chance
And How He Improved It, [en]

Slow and Sure
The Story of Paul Hoffman the Young Street-Merchant, [en] 1872

The Store Boy
or, The Fortunes of Ben Barclay, [en] 1887

Struggling Upward
or, Luke Larkin's Luck, [en] 1890

The Telegraph Boy, [en] 1879

Timothy Crump's Ward
A Story of American Life, [en] 1866

The Tin Box
and What it Contained, [en]

Tom, the Bootblack
or, The Road to Success, [en] 1909

Try and Trust
or, The Story of a Bound Boy, [en] 1873

Wait and Hope
A Plucky Boy's Luck, [en] 1877

Walter Sherwood's Probation, [en] 1897

The Young Acrobat of the Great North American Circus, [en] 1890

The Young Adventurer
or Tom's Trip Across the Plains, [en]

The Young Bank Messenger, [en] 1898

Young Captain Jack
The Son of a Soldier, [en] 1901

The Young Explorer
or, Claiming His Fortune, [en] 1880

The Young Miner
or Tom Nelson in California, [en] 1879

The Young Musician
or, Fighting His Way, [en] 1906

The Young Outlaw
or, Adrift in the Streets, [en] 1875

Horatio Alger Jr.
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