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Louis Becke

Life: 1855-1913

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''Five-Head'' Creek; and Fish Drugging In The Pacific, [en] 1901

''Pig-Headed'' Sailor Men, [en] 1902

''The Gallant, Good Riou'', and Jack Renton, [en] 1901

The Adventure of Elizabeth Morey, of New York, [en] 1901

The Americans In The South Seas, [en] 1901

Āmona; The Child; and The Beast
And Other Stories, [en] 1902

The Beginning of the Sea Story of Australia, [en] 1901

The Brothers-In-Law: A Tale ofthe Equatorial Islands; and The Brass Gun of the Buccaneers, [en] 1901

By Reef and Palm, [en] 1894

By Rock and Pool on an Austral Shore, and Other Stories, [en] 1901

The Call of the South, [en] 1908

Chinkie's Flat and Other Stories, [en] 1904

The Colonial Mortuary Bard; '''Reo,'' The Fisherman; and The Black Bream of Australia, [en] 1901

Concerning ''Bully'' Hayes, [en] 1902

The Ebbing of the Tide
South Sea Stories, [en] 1896

Edward Barry
South Sea Pearler, [en] 1914

The Flemmings; and ''Flash Harry'' of Savait, [en] 1902

Foster's Letter of Marque
A Tale of Old Sydney, [en] 1901

The Great Crushing at Mount Sugar-Bag
A Queensland Mining Tale, [en]

In The Far North, [en] 1901

John Corwell, Sailor And Miner; and, Poisonous Fish, [en] 1901

John Frewen, South Sea Whaler, [en] 1904

The Man in the Buffalo Hide, [en]

Martin of Nitendi; and The River of Dreams, [en] 1901

A Memory of the Southern Seas, [en] 1904

The Methodical Mr. Burr of Majuro, [en] 1894

The Mutineer
A Romance of Pitcairn Island, [en] 1898

The Naval Pioneers of Australia, [en] 1899

Officer and Man, [en] 1901

Old Mary, [en] 1901

Pacific Tales, [en] 1897

Pākia, [en] 1901

A Point of Theology on Majuro, [en]

Rķdan The Devil
And Other Stories, [en] 1899

Rodman The Boatsteerer
And Other Stories, [en] 1898

Sarréo, [en] 1901

The South Seaman
An Incident in the Sea Story of Australia, [en] 1901

The Strange Adventure of James Shervinton, [en] 1902

The Strange White Woman of Majuro, [en]

Susāni, [en] 1901

The Tapu of Banderah, [en] 1901

Tessa, [en] 1901

The Trader's Wife, [en] 1901

Yorke The Adventurer, [en] 1901

Louis Becke
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