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George Manville Fenn

Life: 1831-1909

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A Story of Boy-Life during the Peninsular War, [en]

The Adventures of Don Lavington
Nolens Volens, [en]

The Bag of Diamonds, [en] 1887

A Tale of the Indian Mutiny, [en] 1879

The Black Bar, [en]

The Black Tor
A Tale of the Reign of James the First, [en]

Blind Policy, [en] 1904

Blue Jackets
The Log of the Teaser, [en] 1893

Brave and True
Short stories for children by G. M. Fenn and Others, [en] 1902

Brownsmith's Boy
A Romance in a Garden, [en]

Bunyip Land
A Story of Adventure in New Guinea, [en]

Burr Junior, [en]

By Birth a Lady
Volume One, [en] 1871

A Story of Briton and Boer, [en] 1890

Christmas Penny Readings
Original Sketches for the Season, [en] 1867

Commodore Junk, [en] 1889

Cormorant Crag
A Tale of the Smuggling Days, [en] 1895

Crown and Sceptre
A West Country Story, [en]

The Crystal Hunters
A Boy's Adventures in the Higher Alps, [en]

Cursed by a Fortune, [en] 1897

Cutlass and Cudgel, [en]

The Dark House
A Knot Unravelled, [en]

A Dash from Diamond City, [en] 1885

Dead Man's Land
Being the Voyage to Zimbambangwe of certain and uncertain, [en]

Devon Boys
A Tale of the North Shore, [en]

Diamond Dyke
The Lone Farm on the Veldt - A Story of South African Adventure, [en] 1895

Dick o' the Fens
A Tale of the Great East Swamp, [en]

The Dingo Boys
The Squatters of Wallaby Range, [en]

A Double Knot, [en] 1891

Draw Swords!
In the Horse Artillery, [en] 1898

How the Birds lived at Greenlawn, [en]

Fire Island
Being the Adventures of Uncertain Naturalists in an Unknown Track, [en]

First in the Field
A Story of New South Wales, [en]

Fitz the Filibuster, [en]

Fix Bay'nets
The Regiment in the Hills, [en]

Friends I Have Made, [en] 1883

Gil the Gunner
The Youngest Officer in the East, [en]

Glyn Severn's Schooldays, [en] 1904

The Golden Magnet
A Tale of the Land of the Incas, [en] 1883

The Haute Noblesse
A Novel, [en] 1889

Hollowdell Grange
Holiday Hours in a Country Home, [en]

Hunting the Skipper
The Cruise of the ''Seafowl'' Sloop, [en]

In Honour's Cause
A Tale of the Days of George the First, [en] 1896

In the King's Name
The Cruise of the ''Kestrel'', [en]

In the Mahdi's Grasp, [en] 1899

Jack at Sea
All Work and no Play made him a Dull Boy, [en]

The Khedive's Country, [en]

King o' the Beach
A Tropic Tale, [en] 1899

King of the Castle, [en] 1891

The King's Esquires
The Jewel of France, [en] 1903

The King's Sons, [en]

The Kopje Garrison
A Story of the Boer War, [en] 1901

Lady Maude's Mania
A Tragedy in High Life, [en] 1890

A Life's Eclipse, [en] 1894

The Little Skipper
A Son of a Sailor, [en] 1877

A Little World, [en] 1877

The Lost Middy
Being the Secret of the Smugglers' Gap, [en]

A Story of Dust and Ashes, [en] 1868

The Man with a Shadow, [en] 1888

Marcus: the Young Centurion, [en]

Mass' George
A Boy's Adventures in the Old Savannah, [en]

The Master of the Ceremonies
A Novel, [en] 1887

a Story of Cornish Nets and Mines, [en]

Middy and Ensign
or, The Jungle Station; A Tale of the Malay Peninsula, [en]

Mother Carey's Chicken
Her Voyage to the Unknown Isle, [en]

The Mynns' Mystery, [en] 1889

Nat the Naturalist
A Boy's Adventures in the Eastern Seas, [en] 1883

The New Forest Spy, [en]

The New Mistress
A Tale, [en] 1892

The Ocean Cat's Paw
The Story of a Strange Cruise, [en]

Of High Descent, [en] 1889

Off to the Wilds
Being the Adventures of Two Brothers, [en] 1881

Old Gold
The Cruise of the ''Jason'' Brig, [en]

Original Penny Readings
A Series of Short Sketches, [en] 1867

Our Soldier Boy, [en]

The Parson O' Dumford, [en] 1879

Patience Wins
War in the Works, [en]

The Peril Finders, [en]

The Powder Monkey, [en]

The Boy With No Skid To His Wheel, [en]

The Rajah of Dah, [en]

Real Gold
A Story of Adventure, [en] 1893

Rob Harlow's Adventures
A Story of the Grand Chaco, [en]

The Rosery Folk
A Country Tale, [en] 1884

Sail Ho!
A Boy at Sea, [en]

Sappers and Miners
The Flood beneath the Sea, [en] 1896

The Sapphire Cross, [en] 1871

Seven Frozen Sailors, [en]

The Silver Canyon
A Tale of the Western Plains, [en]

Sir Hilton's Sin, [en] 1907

Son Philip, [en]

Stan Lynn
A Boy's Adventures in China, [en] 1902

The Star-Gazers, [en]

Steve Young
or, The Voyage of the ''Hvalross'' to the Icy Seas, [en]

Sweet Mace
A Sussex Legend of the Iron Times, [en]

Syd Belton
The Boy who would not go to Sea, [en]

A Terrible Coward, [en]

The Vicar's People, [en] 1881

Thereby Hangs a Tale
Volume One, [en] 1876

Three Boys
or the Chiefs of the Clan Mackhai, [en]

Through Forest and Stream
The Quest of the Quetzal, [en]

To The West, [en] 1891

To Win or to Die
A Tale of the Klondike Gold Craze, [en]

Trapped by Malays
A Tale of Bayonet and Kris, [en]

The Vast Abyss
The Story of Tom Blount, his Uncles and his Cousin Sam, [en] 1894

The Weathercock
Being the Adventures of a Boy with a Bias, [en]

Will of the Mill, [en]

Witness to the Deed, [en]

The Young Castellan
A Tale of the English Civil War, [en]

A Young Hero, [en]

Young Robin Hood, [en]

Yussuf the Guide
The Mountain Bandits; Strange Adventure in Asia Minor, [en] 1887

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