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Gordon Randall Garrett

Life: 1927-1987

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...After a Few Words..., [en] 1962

...Or Your Money Back, [en] 1951

Anchorite, [en] 1962

Anything You Can Do ..., [en] 1963

The Asses of Balaam, [en] 1961

Belly Laugh, [en] 1953

Brain Twister, [en] 1961

The Bramble Bush, [en] 1962

But, I Don't Think, [en] 1959

By Proxy, [en] 1960

Cum Grano Salis, [en] 1959

Damned If You Don't, [en] 1960

Dead Giveaway, [en] 1959

Despoilers of the Golden Empire, [en] 1959

The Destroyers, [en] 1959

The Eyes Have It, [en] 1964

Fifty Per Cent Prophet, [en] 1961

The Foreign Hand Tie, [en] 1961

Hail to the Chief, [en] 1963

Hanging by a Thread, [en] 1961

Heist Job on Thizar, [en] 1956

The Highest Treason, [en] 1961

The Impossibles, [en] 1963

In Case of Fire, [en] 1960

Instant of Decision, [en] 1953

The Man Who Hated Mars, [en] 1956

The Measure of a Man, [en] 1960

Nor Iron Bars a Cage...., [en] 1962

Occasion... for Disaster, [en] 1960

Out Like a Light, [en] 1960

The Penal Cluster, [en] 1957

Psichopath, [en] 1960

Quest of the Golden Ape, [en] 1957

A Spaceship Named McGuire, [en] 1961

Suite Mentale, [en] 1956

Supermind, [en] 1963

That Sweet Little Old Lady, [en] 1959

Thin Edge, [en] 1963

Time Fuze, [en] 1954

Tinker's Dam, [en] 1961

The Unnecessary Man, [en] 1959

Unwise Child, [en] 1962

Viewpoint, [en] 1960

What The Left Hand Was Doing, [en] 1960

With No Strings Attached, [en] 1963

A World by the Tale, [en] 1963

Gordon Randall Garrett
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