H. Rider Haggard

Life: 1856-1925
First name: Henry

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Allan and the Holy Flower, [en] 1915

Allan Quatermain, [en] 1887

Allan's Wife, [en] 1889

The Ancient Allan, [en] 1920

As Minas de Salomão, [pt] 1891

The Return of She, [en] 1905

Beatrice, [en] 1890

Beatrice, [nl] 1890

Benita, An African Romance, [en] 1906

Black Heart and White Heart, [en] 1900

The Brethren
A Romance of Two Crusaders, [en] 1904

Cetywayo and his White Neighbours
Remarks on Recent Events in Zululand, Natal, and the Transvaal., [en] 1882

Child of Storm, [en] 1912

Being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Harmachis, [en] 1889

Colonel Quaritch, V.C.
A Tale of Country Life, [en] 1888

Dawn, [en] 1884

Doctor Therne, [en] 1898

The Doom of Zimbabwe, [en] 1900

Eric Brighteyes, [en] 1889

Fair Margaret, [en] 1907

Finished, [en] 1917

The Ghost Kings, [en] 1908

Heart of the World, [en] 1895

Hunter Quatermain's Story, [en] 1885

The Ivory Child, [en] 1916

Jess, [en] 1887

Joan Haste, [en] 1895

King Solomon's Mines , [en] 1885

The Lady of Blossholme, [en] 1909

Long Odds
2nd version, [en] 1899

Long Odds, [en] 1886

Love Eternal , [en] 1918

A Tale of the Dutch, [en] 1901

The Mahatma and the Hare, [en] 1911

Maiwa's Revenge
The War of the Little Hand, [en] 1888

An Episode in the Life of the Late Allan Quatermain, [en] 1912

Montezuma's Daughter, [en] 1893

Moon of Israel
A Tale of the Exodus, [en] 1918

Morning Star, [en] 1910

Mr. Meeson's Will, [en] 1888

Nada the Lily, [en] 1892

A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem, [en] 1901

The People of the Mist, [en] 1894

Queen Sheba's Ring, [en] 1910

Red Eve, [en] 1911

Being an Account of the Social Work of The Salvation Army in Great Britain., [en] 1910

She, [en] 1886

She and Allan, [en] 1921

Smith and the Pharaohs, and other tales, [en] 1920

The Spirit of Bambatse, [en] 1906

Stella Fregelius
A Tale of Three Destinies, [en] 1904

A Tale of the Great Trek, [en] 1898

A Tale of Three Lions, [en] 1887

The Virgin of the Sun, [en] 1922

The Wanderer's Necklace, [en] 1914

The Way of the Spirit, [en] 1905

When the World Shook
Being an Account of the Great Adventure of Bastin, Bickley and Arbuthnot, [en] 1918

The Witch's Head, [en] 1884

The Wizard, [en] 1896

The World's Desire, [en]

The Yellow God
An Idol of Africa, [en] 1908

[Scribner's] Stories by English Authors in Africa, [en]

H. Rider Haggard
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