Henry James

Life: 1843-1916

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The Altar of the Dead, [en] 1895

The Ambassadors, [en] 1903

The American Scene, [en] 1907

The American, [en] 1877

An International Episode, [en] 1878

The Aspern Papers, [en] 1888

The Author of Beltraffio, [en] 1922

The Awkward Age, [en] 1899

The Beast in the Jungle, [en] 1903

The Beldonald Holbein, [en] 1901

The Bostonians, Vol. I, [en] 1886

The Bostonians, Vol. II, [en] 1886

A Bundle of Letters, [en] 1879

The Chaperon, [en] 1891

Confidence, [en] 1879

The Coxon Fund, [en] 1894

Daisy Miller
A Study in Two Parts, [en] 1879

The Death of the Lion, [en] 1894

The Diary of a Man of Fifty, [en] 1879

Embarrassments, [en] 1896

Eugene Pickering, [en] 1874

The Europeans, [en] 1878

The Figure in the Carpet, [en] 1896

The Finer Grain, [en] 1910

Four Meetings, [en] 1885

Georgina's Reasons, [en] 1885

Glasses, [en] 1896

The Golden Bowl, [en] 1904

The Golden Bowl, vol 1, [en] 1904

The Golden Bowl, vol 2, [en] 1904

Greville Fane, [en] 1892

English Men of Letters Series, [en] 1879

In the Cage, [en] 1919

Italian Hours , [en] 1909

The Jolly Corner, [en] 1908

The Lesson of the Master, [en] 1888

A Little Tour In France, [en] 1884

A London Life
and Other Tales, [en] 1889

Louisa Pallant, [en] 1888

Madame de Mauves, [en] 1874

The Madonna of the Future, [en] 1873

The Marriages, [en] 1891

The Middle Years, [en] 1917

Nona Vincent, [en] 1892

The Outcry, [en] 1911

Pandora, [en] 1884

A Passionate Pilgrim, [en] 1871

The Patagonia, [en] 1888

The Path Of Duty, [en] 1885

The Pension Beaurepas, [en] 1879

Picture and Text, [en] 1893

The Point of View, [en] 1882

The Portrait of a Lady, vol 1, [en] 1881

The Portrait of a Lady, vol 2, [en] 1881

The Pupil, [en] 1916

The Real Thing, [en] 1893

The Reverberator, [en] 1888

Roderick Hudson, [en] 1875

The Sacred Fount, [en] 1901

Sir Dominick Ferrand, [en] 1893

A Small Boy and Others, [en] 1913

Some Short Stories, [en] 1922

The Spoils of Poynton, [en] 1897

The Spoils of Poynton, [en] 1896

The Tragic Muse, [en] 1921

The Turn of the Screw, [en] 1898

Victorian Short Stories, Vol. 2
Stories of Successful Marriages, [en]

Washington Square, [en] 1881

What Maisie Knew, [en] 1897

The Wings of the Dove, [en] 1902

The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1, [en] 1902

Henry James
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