Andrew Lang

Life: 1844-1912

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'That Very Mab', [en] 1885

Adventures among Books, [en] 1901

Alfred Tennyson, [en] 1901

Angling Sketches, [en] 1895

The Arabian Nights, [en] 1898

Ballads in Blue China, [en] 1880

Ballads, Lyrics, and Poems of Old France, [en] 1872

Ban and Arriere Ban, [en] 1894

The Blue Fairy Book
A Large Collection, [en] 1905

The Book of Dreams and Ghosts, [en] 1897

Books and Bookmen, [en] 1886

The Brown Fairy Book, [en] 1904

The Brown Fairy Book, [en] 1904

The Clyde Mystery
a Study in Forgeries and Folklore, [en] 1905

Cock Lane and Common-Sense, [en] 1894

A Collection of Ballads, [en]

The Crimson Fairy Book, [en] 1903

Custom and Myth
New Edition, [en] 1893

Custom and Myth, [en] 1897

The Disentanglers, [en] 1902

Essays in Little, [en] 1891

The Gold of Fairnilee, [en]

Grass of Parnassus, [en] 1888

The Green Fairy Book, [en] 1892

The Grey Fairy Book, [en] 1900

The Grey Fairy Book, [en] 1900

He, [en] 1887

Helen of Troy, [en] 1882

Historical Mysteries, [en] 1905

Homer and His Age , [en] 1906

The Homeric Hymns
A New Prose Translation; and Essays, Literary and Mythological, [en] 1899

How to Fail in Literature
A Lecture, [en] 1890

In the Wrong Paradise
and Other Stories, [en] 1886

Introduction to the Compleat Angler, [en] 1896

James VI and the Gowrie Mystery, [en] 1902

John Knox and the Reformation, [en]

Letters on Literature, [en] 1889

Letters to Dead Authors, [en] 1886

The Library, [en] 1892

The Lilac Fairy Book, [en] 1910

Lost Leaders, [en] 1899

Magic and Religion, [en] 1901

The Making of Religion, [en] 1898

The Mark of Cain, [en] 1886

Modern Mythology, [en] 1897

A Monk of Fife, [en] 1896

Much Darker Days, [en] 1894

Myth, Ritual, and Religion, vol 1, [en] 1886

New Collected Rhymes, [en] 1905

Old Friends, Epistolary Parody, [en] 1890

The Olive Fairy Book, [en] 1907

The Orange Fairy Book, [en] 1906

City & University, [en] 1880

Pickle the Spy
or, The Incognito of Prince Charles, [en] 1896

The Pink Fairy Book, [en] 1897

Prince Prigio
From ''His Own Fairy Book'', [en] 1895

Prince Prigio, [en] 1889

Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia
Being the Adventures of Prince Prigio's Son, [en] 1893

The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot, [en] 1905

R F Murray: His Poems with a Memoir by Andrew Lang, [en]

The Red Fairy Book, [en]

The Red Romance Book, [en] 1921

The Red True Story Book, [en] 1895

Rhymes à la Mode, [en] 1884

A Short History of Scotland, [en] 1907

Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy, [en] 1910

Tales of Troy
Ulysses, the Sacker of Cities, [en] 1907

Tales of Troy and Greece, [en] 1907

Theocritus, Bion and Moschus rendered into English Prose, [en] 1889

The True Story Book, [en] 1893

The Valet's Tragedy
and Other Studies, [en] 1903

The Violet Fairy Book, [en] 1901

The World's Desire, [en]

The Yellow Fairy Book, [en] 1894

Andrew Lang
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