Child's Story Garden

Author: Anonymous
Language: English
Wordcount: 21,249 / 63 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80.1
LoC Category: PZ
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Siegfried, the King's Son
The Song of the Pine Tree
A Christmas Story
The Myth of Arachne
The Birds of Killingworth
The Myth of Pan
The Bell of Atri
The Anxious Leaf
Coming and Going
How the Dimples Came
The Proud Little Apple Blossom
The Brave Knight
King Robert of Sicily
The Great Stone Face
The First Christmas Tree
The Story of Abraham
The Story of Moses
The Story of David
The Story of Joseph
The Courtesy of the Spartan Boy
Twenty-third Psalm.

Compiled by Elizabeth Heber.

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ou know. The man had a kind face and he handled Pine Tree very carefully. He sawed and smoothed Pine Tree many days, and as he worked he whistled and sang, for he was happy. Sometimes he would whistle some of the songs that Pine Tree had heard when he lived in the forest, and then sometimes those he had heard on the ocean, and again he would whistle the songs that Pine Tree had heard in the home of the children.

At last the man's work was finished. Pine Tree had been made into a wonderful musical instrument--a violin. The man took a bow and drew it across the strings, and as he did so he smiled and nodded his head, for the music was very sweet. The violin, which had once been Pine Tree, and then part of a ship, and the ridge-pole of the cottage and the barn, seemed to sing to the man the songs of the forest, the songs of the ocean, the songs of the home, and the songs of the lowly barn.

One day the man put the violin in a case and took it away on a long journey. When the case was opened, the vio

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