Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe

Published: 1911
Language: English
Wordcount: 102,601 / 300 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 44.7
LoC Category: G
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Genres: History, Travel

In this book are descriptions of many localities, under modern governments, where elaborate tunnels form the shelter of people living in various stages of civilization. The accounts of these cave dwellings are amazing, and it is difficult to believe that so primitive a stage of culture exists in highly civilized states of Europe.

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Michael--Incubation practiced in them--Instances--Churches of S. Cosmas and Damian-- Practice at Caerleon--Superstition hard to kill--Grotto of Lourdes



Humphrey Kynaston--His adventurous life--Cave at Ness Cliff--Chinamen-- David at Adullam--Bandit caves in Palestine--Lombrive--Surtshellir-- Feruiden's cave--Gargas--La Crouzafce--The haunts of Grettir-- Dunterton--Precautions against burglary--Story of K. F. Masch--His capture--The Leichtweishohle--Adersbach retreats--Babinsky--His capture



Difference between the tombs of the Israelites and those of the Egyptians--The reason for this--Jewish catacombs at Rome--Christian catacombs--Puticoli--Numerous catacombs--Those of Syracuse--Those of Paris--Crypts became vaults for kings and nobles--Desecration--That of Louis XI.--The instinct of immortality--Cave burials--In the Petit Mori


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Exactly what it sounds like, and plenty of it. Defensive caves from feudal times, dens of robbers, cliff dwellings -- if you find this subject romantic and fascinating, this book is right there with you. The author gives lots of historical context to explain why people took to living in caves and cliffs, and how they lived there. Might be a good book to read if you're a rock-climber or hiker.

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