A Brief History of the Internet

The Bright Side: The Dark Side

Author: Michael S. Hart
Published: 1995
Language: English
Wordcount: 15,478 / 57 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 70.1
LoC Categories: D,
Downloads: 27,883
mnybks.net#: 3300
Origin: gutenberg.org
License: ©

(c) 1995 Michael Hart

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similar. I want yours. I want the one you have, even if I already have one or many.

3. Lust: I have to have it.

4. Anger: I will hurt you to insure that I have it, and and to insure that you do not have one.

5. Envy: I hate that you have one.

6. Greed: There is no end to how much I want, or to how little I want you to have in comparison.

7. Sloth: I am opposed to you moving up the ladder: it means that I will have to move up the ladder, to keep my position of lordship over you. If I have twice as much as you do, and you gain a rung, that means I can only regain my previous lordship by moving up two; it is far easier to knock you back a rung, or to prevent you from climbing at all.

Destruction is easier than construction.

This becomes even more obvious for the person who has a goal of being 10 or 100 times further up the ladder of success. . .given the old, and hopefully obsolete, or soon to be obsolete, definitions of


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Nothing but an insane diatribe. This guy is a rambling nutcase with a hardcore case of hypergraphia.


Excellent Work


Excellent Work


This, at least, does not fit the title : instead of a "historical" ebook, we have here a kind of lunatic, chaotic, vaguely militant and highly subjective not-to-be-written paper somehow talking about the internet.
Not the thing to download if you want a history of the internet, strating from Turing machine, military networks up to todays' networks.


rich content....
very informative.
based on basics

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