The Desert Girl

Published: 1928
Language: English
Wordcount: 50,264 / 144 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85.5
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,518
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Genre: Western

For those who mourn the passing of the romantic and adventurous West, this book will be a welcome revelation that it still exists. To Jack Lennon, prospector, wandering peacefully over a well-marked trail, this revelation came when a bullet knocked down his burro. With almost incredible speed he found himself dragged out of the comfortable routine of his life into a forced career of lawlessness. Besides the struggle between the two bands of desert dwellers there is the struggle between two women, and the story ends in a climax of tremendous tensity and power.

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time we hit out, anyhow."

To the surprise of Lennon, she started up the arroyo. When he joined her, the pony, whose reins had been tied to the pack, snorted and shied. But at a call from Carmena, the skittish beast followed his mistress up the arroyo like a dog.

"How about the chance of running into that murderous savage if we go this way?" Lennon inquired.

"You might be safer if you hurried back to the railroad," replied Carmena, and she swung up the steepening side of the arroyo.

Lennon's lips tightened. He did not again question his guide's choice of route. But, like her, he held his rifle ready as they came up over the round of a stony ridge. Though neither could see the slightest sign of lurking Indians, Carmena hastened to lead her pony across the ridge crest, and down the other side.

When safe below the skyline the girl broke into a dog trot. She held to the pace, on a long slant along the ridge side, until they came up into the mouth of a small cañon. Between


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Very nice. A headlong rush through the desert that pulls the reader right along with it. Action, suspense, intrigue, and gorgeous descriptions more than make up for the (to my mind) slightly kitschy romance.

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