The Gay Adventure

A Romance

Author: Richard Bird
Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 78,637 / 231 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 85
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,311
Added to site: 2010.10.02 29148
Genre: Romance

A brain-relaxing book. It is all romance and adventure, impossibility and improbability. No suchpeople could be in real life, and it is notoften that one finds them in fiction. Theauthor has a pleasant style; he writes as ifhe enjoyed what he wrote and expects hisreaders to enjoy it with him. There is a lotof fun in the book, but it is not always of thehighest order. The characters are Englishand the scene is laid in England, Londonbeing the headquarters of this gay and festiveparty.

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mpathetic. "You fainted; that is all."

She gave the ghost of a shudder: "I fainted?"

"Yes. The horse, ran away, but there was no accident."

"The coachman--is he hurt?"

This thought for another in the midst of her own recovery flushed Lionel's being like a draught of wine. Hitherto she had been merely a pretty aristocrat and (apparently) a delightful girl. Now she was more--a divine human whom he longed to kiss, caress and call "You darling!"

"No," he said. "He fell softly. Upon a constable, I believe."

She was nearly herself again, and gave a little laugh. "Let us hope he was a fat one," she said. And then, after a pause: "Who stopped the horse?"

"Oh, I was lucky enough to do that," he replied with an assumed jauntiness, wishing he could feel it was an every-day business. "It was not hard."

"Others appeared to think differently," she replied with a grave admiration that pleased him.

"Then, madam, they can not have seen you," he smiled. Really, the


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Linda Otto

Ha! I've always wanted to be able to refer to a book as a "romp," but I was never certain how a romp would be defined...until this book. This is it, what might be considered the definitive romp! It is ludicrous, improbable, absurd, and totally engaging. Even when you catch on, which you are sure to do, you won't stop reading because you'll want to find out how all of the absurdity resolves itself. Enjoy!

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