Mobilizing Woman-Power

Published: 1918
Language: English
Wordcount: 39,382 / 122 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 64.4
LoC Category: D
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This book by Elizabeth Cady Stanton's daughter emphasizes the importance of women's contributions to World War I. It helps demostrate the link British and American suffragists were making between wartime sacrifice and women's disenfranchisement. There is an interesting foreword by Theodore Roosevelt, which reveals his position on woman suffrage.

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end's regiment was stationed a very pretty and popular young girl who had been taken, so to speak, to the bosom of the regiment, danced one night at the Kurhaus early in the summer season with a civilian, distinguished, undeniably, but unmistakably civilian. The officers of the regiment met, weighed the mighty question of the girl's offense, and solemnly resolved never again to ask the culprit for a dance. I protested at the cruelty of a body of men deliberately turning a pretty young thing into a wall-flower for an entire season. The officer took my protest as an added reason for congratulation upon their conduct. They meant to be cruel. My words proved how well they had succeeded.

Another little straw showing the set of the wind: we were sitting, four Americans, one lovely early summer day, in a restaurant at Swinemünde. We had the window open, looking out over the sea. At the next table were some officers, one of whom with an "Es zieht," but not with a "by your leave," came over to our table an

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