Dr Nikola's Experiment

Published: 1899
Language: English
Wordcount: 57,216 / 153 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80
LoC Category: PR
Series: Doctor Nikola
Downloads: 4,690
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Genres: Thriller, Occult

The mysterious figure of Dr. Nikola has obtained so strong a hold upon novel readers that the reappearance of this dramatic character needs only to be announced to insure immediate attention. Mr. Boothby demonstrates again the value of suspended interest, and his story holds the reader until the last page is reached.

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an immediately. "I remember the books."

"I'm glad of that," I answered. "Now, I want you to tell me what you would consider the real value of the work."

"If it were wanted to make up a collection it might possibly be worth a sovereign," the man replied promptly. "Otherwise, not more than we asked you for it."

"Then you don't think any one would be likely to offer a hundred pounds for it?" I inquired.

The man laughed outright.

"Not a man in the possession of his wits," he answered. "No, sir, I think I have stated the price very fairly, though of course it might fetch a few shillings more or less, according to circumstances."

"I am very much obliged to you," I said; "I simply wanted to know as a matter of curiosity."

With that I left the shop and made my way to the hospital, where I found Kelleran hard at work. He looked up at me as I entered, and nodded, but it was lunch time before I got an opportunity of speaking to him.

"Kelleran," I said, as we passed


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Finally shows what Nikola's objectives really are. Set in a remote English castle, he is still pursued by his Asian tormentors, but this ultimately does not foil the course of true love for his assistant.


I found this book a page turner. It must be 'the complete novel' as it has; adventure, mystery, sci fi and romance all rolled up in one story. In the middle is a 'missing section' but that does not detract from the fun of the story.

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