Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters

Published: 1908
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The devils of Loudun -- The drummer of Tedworth -- The haunting of the Wesleys -- The visions of Emanuel Swedenborg -- The Cock Lane ghost -- The ghost seen by Lord Brougham -- The seeress of Prevorst -- The mysterious Mr. Home -- The Watseka wonder -- A medieval ghost hunter -- Ghost hunters of yesterday and to-day.

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among the flames, perishing miserably.

It only remains to analyze this medieval tragedy in the light of modern knowledge. To the people of his own generation Grandier was either a wizard most foul, or the victim of a dastardly plot in which all concerned in harrying him to his death knowingly participated. These opinions posterity long shared. But now it is quite possible to reach another conclusion. That there was a conspiracy is evident even from the facts set down by those hostile to Grandier. On the other hand, it is as unnecessary as it is incredible to believe that the plotters included every one instrumental in fixing on the unhappy curé the crime of witchcraft.

Bearing in mind the discoveries of recent years in the twin fields of physiology and psychology, it seems evident that the conspirators were actually limited in number to Mignon, Barré, Laubardemont, and a few of their intimates. In Laubardemont's case, indeed, there is some reason for supposing that he was more dupe


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Very well written and a pleasure to read, this is actually a serious consideration of the possibilty that well-known "spiritual visitations" had bases in fact, which, in fact, proves to be otherwise.

Notwithstanding the more practical aspects of this work, the ghost stories themselves are told with a good deal of style and relish.

Looking forward to more of Bruce's work being available online.

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