Agriculture for Beginners

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Published: 1903
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spread over with rich soil."

The joint action of air, moisture, and frost was still another agent of soil-making. This action is called weathering. Whenever you have noticed the outside stones of a spring-house, you have noticed that tiny bits are crumbling from the face of the stones, and adding little by little to the soil. This is a slow way of making additions to the soil. It is estimated that it would take 728,000 years to wear away limestone rock to a depth of thirty-nine inches. But when you recall the countless years through which the weather has striven against the rocks, you can readily understand that its never-wearying activity has added immensely to the soil.

In the rock soil formed in these various ways, and indeed on the rocks themselves, tiny plants that live on food taken from the air began to grow. They grew just as you now see mosses and lichens grow on the surface of rocks. The decay of these plants added some fertility to the newly formed soil. The life and death of


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homer beard

Received copy of this yesterday from a dear frind - my father had in school in 1914-15 - it apparently was a 5th grade text book at Edwards School - Valley Crossing,
Ohio (Franklin County)

Thank you - hvb

Greg Homer

U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "If you were traveling to another planet and could only take three books with you, 'Agriculture for Beginners' by Charles William Burkett, must be one of the books."

Curiously, President Roosevelt listed these two books as the other two you should take:

*'The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew' by Margaret Sidney

*'Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West' by Edith Van Dyne

(both available for download from Manybooks!)

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