Hand-book for Horsewomen

Author: De Bussigny
Published: 1884
Language: English
Wordcount: 19,990 / 63 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 57.1
LoC Category: SF
Downloads: 5,206
Added to site: 2013.07.19
mnybks.net#: 31515
Genre: Instructional

n and beginners, and has the advantage of being warm in winter, but the disadvantage that a habit of pushing the foot too far home is easily acquired, and not so easily got rid of when the Victoria, or, better still, a plain, open stirrup, is used later.

The material and workmanship of a saddle should be of the best quality, and the less stitching and ornamentation the better. Style on horseback depends on simplicity.

Girths seem to hold better if crossed--that is to say, if the girth which is buckled to the forward strap on the right side of the saddle is fastened to the second strap on the left; and the saddle should be so firm in its place that a lady may hang for a moment by her hands from the first pommel on the right side, or the second on the left, without causing it to shift its position. The stirrup-leather should pass under the horse outside the girths, and be connected with another strap on the right side of the saddle, in order to counterbalance the pressure on the stirrup. I may as

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