The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought

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"I love God and every little child."



A good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters.--English Proverb.

The first poet, the first priest, was the first mother. The first empire was a woman and her children.--_O. T. Mason_.

When society, under the guidance of the "fathers of the church," went almost to destruction in the dark ages, it was the "mothers of the people" who saved it and set it going on the new right path. --Zmigrodski (adapted).

The story of civilization is the story of the mother. --Zmigrodski.

One mother is more venerable than a thousand fathers. --Laws of Manu.

If the world were put into one scale, and my mother into the other, the world would kick the beam.--Lord Langdale.

Names of the Mother.

In A Song of Life,--a book in which the topic of sex is treated with such delicate skill,--occurs this sentence: "The motherho

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